Beating yoyos

Well. I was trying to tune out the vibe.

I’m sorry, the YOYO POLICE will now have to take you in.

But honestly, why destroy a YOYO?? It’s like buying a hamburger at In N out, and throwing it away.

It’s fun.
I believe my Dv888 is next. Unless someone wants to trade something for it.

Have you ever thought of breaking substitutes? Like perhaps cheeper yoyo or something make of sheet metal?

When I don’t like a yoyo anymore I just give it away to somebody who might still enjoy it. Why destroy something that you can pass on?

Pass it on!

so true. I use cheap yomega’s

I’ll save it!!! ;D

No, it’s me too. My friend also beat up his G5 so much, it looked like it got a rough satiin job, and when you put the spinning yoyo in your hand, it cut your hand up, and it would start bleeding. Man, you’ll never see a throw that beat up in your life, and it still worked, and then he put the bearing in sea water, and then a muddy puddle, still played fine. After all of that, still played fine again, amazing, and he spent one year beating it up.

I sometimes like to go in my front yard and launch a yoyo into the air and let it fall into the grass. It is pretty fun, but I would be sad if one hit a rock.

For some reason, I’d really want a really beat up yoyo, and fix it up…

It’s not so much the fact that you like beating up objects, just the fact that you like beating up expensive ones… You should really find something else to beat up, $100 to beat up a little metal yoyo is rather pricey. Some fairs have used cars that they let you swing at with a sledge hammer for $5. Thats less expensive and more fun.

I don’t think the Dv888 is ready yet, Matt. And if it is, I want to be there… and we’ll put a new string on it. :smiley:

There has to be a new string…

Me and my friends destroyed a Flying Panda at school once. On a staricase. Mulitple times.
Fun times, fun times.

And yes Matt, I also think crushing a yoyo is pretty fun, but in a different way.
Just sitting around trying to brake it isn’t that fun, but doing crazy tricks and stunts with it is pretty awesome. Just my 2 cents.


I’d beat up some yo-yo’s myself… if only I had some I really hate and nobody wants to take away from me.

Then again I can just buy some cheap Duncans, keep the card and strings, and smash some plastic =D. But I won’t.

I bought every oxy TI in the world and threw them into a volcane…thats the only way to destroy them…

i beat my duncan imperial, if that counts! :stuck_out_tongue: