What have you done to yoyos and what have they done to you

Have your yoyos ever had revenge for whatever reason? Because you threw it off a roof or whatnot?

It gave me a black eye for giving it a knotted string… jerk

I got a Beysick from someone who wasn’t really liking it. It seemed to come with some agro attached to it. I surrounded it overnight with other yoyos bought new and via BST so it could absorb some of the love I’ve shown them, and oddly enough, the Beysick seems to have mellowed out. Now it only comes flying back at my face when I am super sloppy on a trick, just as I’d expect it to.

well, I don’t recall doing anything to my pgm. But it was sure angry at me, considering it made me get 3 stitches in my eyebrow.

the G5 kept tellign me to hit one string while i kept hitting another and to knock some sense it to me it gave me a busted lip.

I think my yuuksta is really angry, because I think I dinged it too much that it starts eating my string and snapping it. I better apologize now

There wouldn’t happen to be a tree eating kite nearby would there? I mean, there could be a conspiracy brewing.

  1. I was looping with my unleashed the string snapped and it hit a tree then I changed the string (and shortend it) threw a tangler next thing you know black eye

2.throwing my MVP the string broke it rolled down the street and some guy kicked it then put a new string on it used it for a little bit then it responded and gave me a lump on my forehead for over a year