How To Destroy A $60 YoYo

Here is a vid of me, Mark26, and Mongoriller launching my M1 out of a 3-man water balloon slingshot :o …

This Video Has Been Removed

This Video Has Been Removed

Poor Yo-Yo. Why would you do such a thing? :frowning:

Yeah, why?

But anyways, One-Drops are so tough.

My M1 accedently fell down 20 stairs and it hit directly on the pavement, and there was the smallest ding.

Okay - that’s funny and not funny. ;D

Funny: One of the best Yo-Yo destruction videos I’ve seen in my life. In fact, my favorite.

Not funny: Who would do something like that? People work hard for their money, then people waste it, breaking or messing up an expensive item. $60 is a lot. Most people don’t get it, but you’ll understand once you get a job, and see how hard people work for their money.

Not taking it seriously. At all, I was just saying you shouldn’t do that.

It was funny though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch the youtube video “Bever Speaks out” by beverchakus1.

Has a few curses.

Yes, I do work and earn my money. I bought that M1 with my own money. It was my beater 5A yoyo and it still is. It already had most of those dings. It is kind of sad, but it is better than shooting a gun!

And yes, it is very funny!

Beaters shouldn’t be beaters.

Beaters should be an inexpensive Yo-Yo that is either plastic, or a cheap metal rimmed one. Not a full metal, because the annodizing can scratch off, or it can seriously be defective.

Use a plastic, or a metal rimmed one for beating Yo-Yos. Not metal.

Even if it was your own money, what would you do? Once you get it, go on a website and spend it all on Yo-Yos? And break one, then buy another one, then break one, and buy antoher until you’re broke?

Buy one you need, and only need. Don’t go broke because of a fun sport/hobby you’re into.

First of all, don’t tell me what to do. I can beat up whatever yoyo I want.

Second, I only have three yoyos. I play with all of them, and I appreciate all of them.

Third, since you all seem to have a problem and take offense to someone having a little bit of fun and trying to share it, I’ll delete the videos.

Fourth, I know my yoyo is beat. It still plays great whether the ano is scratched or whatever.

Finally, you keep acting like it is a crime to have an expensive yoyo. Samad’s post was good, but stop being a smart ***.

How many yoyos do you have? How much have you spent on yoyos? Probably about as much as me.

Did I ever say I was cool for beating up my yoyo?
Nope, I was just trying to share a laugh. Is that so bad?

Look, don’t get fussy with me because you got faced.

Either lock this topic, or delete it.

I’m sure there will be tons of views on YouTube itself, let alone here.

I’m not telling you what to do - I’m making a statement that ended up in this post, and this post because that reason happened.

I am not mad, or sad, or anything. I am simply making a point not to you, but agreeing with others as well.

I laughed hard at this thread.

Well - it’s all up to you guys wether or not.

I simply stated.

If you want to - do it.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t. :slight_smile:




You just said to…

“Lock this topic, or delete it.”

Then you say…

“I’m not telling you what to do”

I am mad and sad. It is a shame that the YYE community can’t enjoy a good laugh.

However, I must admit that locking the topic and stopping the flame war is a good idea…

If anyone wants to view the videos on YouTube, go to markwhite26’s channel.