What is your most beat/well loved throw?


I want to see what kind of damage gets inflicted on our poor yo-yos. Show pics of your most beat throw here!

Disclaimer: I am not a monster to my throws. All my others are near mint, this is just my beater.

This is my Shutter. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

(major_seventh) #2

I’m not too sure about that disclaimer…. I won’t be trading with you anytime soon.

Jk :wink:

I have a pretty beat Majesty that I love.





WOW! Your shutters even worse than mine… And mine is pretty bad!


I have a superstar that has like 15-20 dings around the edges but still plays great and I use it when I’m on tile because 75% of my house is tile.


This Planet 9 is one of my favorites. Great yo-yo, great planet (sorry Intl. Astronomical Union, I just don’t agree with you) great every day carry. Had to sand down the edges when it got too sharp to catch, but it’s still going strong.


So I have to ask, what do you guys do that dings your yo-yo so much? I’ve been playing for many years, and I’ve never ended up with a throw that looked like that. Do you play 5A over concrete a lot?


For me some of the damage comes from when someone asks me to walk the dog.


Walk the dog requests, 5A over concrete, playing near wood tables.


My beater is my MYY t10 and the scratches have happened over a long period of time because I carry if everywhere.


My shutter was my first metal throw and it survived a beating. Really love that throw but it’s so beat up it doesn’t even look good.


I have 2 my stackless grind machine (first unresponsive) when through everything with me there are tons of marks on it due to it going on concrete hitting stuff and everything in between. (there’s sooo many flat spots on that thing)

And my second is my first metal a Di base that has tons of marks on it as well due to running around with ne everywhere.

But… If you want beat my shaqulerstar has bite marks in it all around it…

(Former National 4A Champion) #13

This would be the time to for TAB to post a picture of his One Drop Project.

(major_seventh) #14

I should be getting a General-Yo 5* pretty soon, and it’s really beat lol.

What a beater to have though, eh? :wink:


Hubstack Genesis. Still dead smooth when I throw it. My best and favorite throw even over my cascade which is mint. This thing is amazing.

(Steve Brown) #16

I love seeing pictures of well-worn yoyos.


My General Yo Essence has too many dings, but still plays like a champ. It is currently my glove box yoyo (my backup in case I forget my daily throw).


Aka your chief :wink:


Doesn’t it just make you proud when you throw that long loved beater throw and it still plays like a gem. Ahhhhh battle wounds…it tickles my heart…


My avalanche