Hey I just wanted to know if you guys have beaters, like something you can ding and not care. Also were do you take your throws (Kmart parking lots perhaps)? Like I ussually have my m1 (beater) almost everywhere. or am I just a loser who takes it to school just to mess with it

I only have one beater and I don’t play with it much. I tent to not care about which yoyo I have with me. I throw no matter what.

For me, it’s the Popstar. It is one of the cheapest metal on the market.

Rim polished dv888 with a bolt/nut for an axle. Such a fun yoyo.

I don’t have a “beater” per say but I always try to be careful when throwing. My throws are almost all dinges somewhere but those I have that are mint are that way for a reason. For dings on my yoyos my redneck belt buckle is usually the culprit.

The genesis in my profile used to be my beater, but I traded it for a beat superstar :smiley: (upgrade!)

Was my X-ConVict but now it’s my ProtoStar I don’t mind if it hits the ground but I’m not going to do crazy tricks that will most likely hit the ground over cement I’ll just move over carpet or wood floors.

Oh, my first throw. A CLYW Gnarwhal. :smiley:
Got it for a good price. With all beginning yoyos, I got it badly dinged. 3 medium sized bings and tones of scratches. Feel REALLY bad about dinging it and not being more careful, but i’ve moved on.(to an Avalanche! :smiley: Gonna keep better care of it.)

i don’t have any yo-yo’s which i go out of my way to ‘beat’. i also don’t have any that i go out of my way to protect. there are definitely those that i prefer to play on a day-to-day basis, and they wear the evidence of my ‘affection’ with pride.

I use a mosquito, I accidentally ( while doing sky rocket) hit the edge of a building!! :slight_smile:

Not saying you go out of your way to get them dinged, but a yoyo you would be a little less carefull with.

I don’t really have a yoyo that I intentionally hit against stuff or deemable as a beater. The only yoyo I have that has an actual mark from hitting the floor is a Dv888. Depending on my mood I’ll carry any of my yoyo’s around for the day and most of the pinpricks or scratches that some of them have are just random love marks lol.

Just had an “Oh crap” moment when I my ProtoStar hit the fan. Luckily it wasn’t tied to my hand (5a) and went flying and hit the wall lucky for me nothing happened to the fan,yoyo, or the wall… So yeah it’s the one I take risks with…

I have a few beaters (one of em being fairly rare so I’m not really proud of myself) and my special beater that I now take almost everywhere to practice 5A which is an aoda flying shuttle (brilliant throw, really)

I usually like to get other people’s beaters. Pre-dinged. Aaaand then I proceed to pretty much never ding them any further.

I don’t have any beaters.

There are a couple of yoyos that are quite special to me (special gifts, and so on) - but these tend to have quite a distinct playing feel to them anyway, and don’t make the best “every day/ carry-around” yoyos - rather these are yoyos I tend to play with when I am in a particular contemplative mood, which means I am probably at home and on a carpet. But still, I don’t go out of my way to give them special treatment.

Other than that, anything goes. The yoyos I own are meant to be played with.

my speedmaker. did a walk the dog on the driveway without thinking so now i don’t really cae. don’t throw it too often though

I have 6 beaters. :slight_smile:

3 Hatricks

1 5 Star

1 Hand Candy

1 Spyyder

My most beat throw is my Dark Magic, Its awesome. Its blue, and its two O-ring halves put together and siliconed. Its dinged like mad! I’ve played 1A, 3A, and I think most of the beatings came from 4A and 5A, especially 5A. Its seen alot of ariels that weren’t caught. It vibes like my phone giving me facebook updates on my birthday. I <3 it tho