Why do people take beaters?


i see people post that they take beaters on their BSTs. I was wondering why. do they mod them? do they use them? do they sell them for parts?

(M.DeV1) #2

they are cheaper and generally dings and scratches dont affect play. nothing a good satin job cant get rid of.


Yes. Maybe. No. Who cares.

Some people just want to see if they can get something for it, rather than toss it or give it away.

People might buy beaters so they have something cheap to work on, say, mods, or otherwise not spend a lot on a yoyo while taking the chance it might be a piece of crap.


Personally, I like them. If I have a new yoyo, generally I’m a tad afraid to use it. If it’s pre-dinged, I don’t worry. That goes the same with beaters. Plus, I get beaters for another reason. It gives me something to do 5a with. I’m not confident in my abilities to use a new yoyo.


They mke good throws to carry around at stores and stuff. Plus if people want to use them they can’t hurt it if they are super beat


selling beater yoyos for parts might not be that profitable of and endeavor lol


people want beater yoyo’s so that if they are at school or something then a non-yoyoer asks, Can I try your yoyo? well I guess so. DING! Well if he does ding it you don’t have to worry cause it’s already dinged up.

(Jei Cheetah) #8

Buy em, sand em, polish them, mirror them, sell em as mint cause technically they are.
Or just thrash em cause new yoyos are stupid.


thanks guys now i might buy a beater for school! i like to throw in homeroom and a crowd grows around me. btw i’m in 7th grade


You could also take up 5a and/or 3a and make your own beaters. :wink:


beaters are great for beating… if someone else dinged it first, then you dont really feel like youre wasting your money


I don’t buy beaters but I don’t mind a throw with a few dings as long as they don’t affect play too much.

I myself love beaters for several reasons

  • I think they look that much better
  • I can play them like I stole them

I actually made my markmont.next a beater on purpose, I just think it looks better that way, with the nickel tarnished by heavy use and scratches all over the place.

in general I don’t like plain/perfect/dull stuff, if I have a mint collector, I try to preserve it, but I know it’ll get dinged eventually, and from then on, I notice I play it much more often.

I’ve had mint throws that I loved but ended up selling or trading because they weren’t getting dinged and I ended up not throwing them anymore

(Connor) #13



what is it with 5A players, do you really drop your throws THAT often?

I mean it does happen to me every now and then when practicing new “aerial” tricks, freegens and that kind of stuff, which I usually do at home where it’s safe, but I don’t ding my throws more than any of my 1A friends, if not less.


I think with me and 5a, mind you I"m still on the first few tricks still, I notice that I hit my yoyo with my dice a ton and I have a pretty solid heavy dice that I’m whacking my throw with. So that is my only issue with 5a. So I decided to buy a practice 5a throw and a “performing” 5a throw. I still play with the performing one but I will only use it when I’m doing tricks I already know and have a less chance of messing up. I have a YoYoJam Destiny I got on trade that I could care less what happens and use it for learning all of my 5a stuff on.