What's the weirdest way you've dinked a yoyo?

I bet I got you all beat, I was playing with my Dymension, it snagged, and I hit myself in the mouth, hitting my braces, which gave it a tiny dink, but it still counts.

What about you guys?

I think I will be happier when people consistently use “ding” instead of “dink”. :wink:

Nothing too weird here. Threw down, underestimated the length of the string, but I was over carpet. Still ended up with flat spots, one side breaking ano. I was all, “…how…?”

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I kinda just threw and it landed on the concrete in front of my school ._. I then proceeded to poke every throw until I sanded down the chipped metal LOL

Loosening string and it drops and rolls away.
First 6 dings on Phenom

This didn’t happened to me (all my yoyo other than my plastics are mint) but to my friend : he had a knot so he sat down to undo it and did so then he woke up and as stupid as he is he tought it was still on his finger so he let it go to hand start it but it just fell on the floor. Pretty fun for me beacause i was beside him and it was his first day with his first metal, a shutter

Dog bit my yo-yo.

I was doing that UFO-esque trick to adjust my string tension, and I did it so many times that the loop opened up and the yoyo hopped out. This has actually happened to me twice, so I imagine it’s probably pretty common error when learning that technique. Either that or I’m just a big dummy.

It was a sad day when I watched my Genesis pop off the string and bounce along the concrete. Thank goodness for Mullicabob. I sent it off to him and he made it beautiful again.

Maybe my example belongs in the dumbest category and not necessarily the weirdest, but forgetting to put the string on my finger before throwing.


I was yoyoing and I was doing some sweet arm chopsticks variations. Well, along comes mr. Response pad and for some reson decides to catch. The Yoyo was sent hurling into my elbow, and this was a protostar, cracked. I did t break anything, but that same spot on my elbow is still sensitive.

(P.Sit was my friends protostar)

this ones a double whammy i dinged my yoyo on my glasses and i also scratched the lenses of the glasses so bad that i had to get new lenses. two weeks later the same yoyo took out those pair of glasses with vengeance breaking them in half… somehow i still love the yomega dash.


  1. to strike or smash violently, especially so as to break to pieces:
    “He dashed the plate into smithereens against the wall.”
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My electronic cigarette that was hanging out of my pocket,

i dinged my puffin off of the button on my jeans

I also actually dinged a yoyo when I hit my belt loop. :stuck_out_tongue:

Somehow dinged all three of my new yoyo’s on the same thing LOL My carabiner with the key :[

on the ceiling during shoot the moon

A small, 1cm badge on my breast pocket.

i didn’t ding the yoyo but i gave myself a pretty bad bruise… it looped around the button on the shirt i was wearing and hit me right behind the ear.

Not weird, but I just want to say it. Forenote: thankfully the horizon is dur-a-ble. I just threw my horizon and (because I throw really really hard) it snapped to my left, and because it was spinning so fast it reversed direction going clear across my basement (which is rugged (the “mat” rugged not “rough” rugged) for the most part fortunately), and hitting a few metal thing along the way and ending up by hitting a cementish block. When I checked the damage, it was only a little vibier than before with two sizeable dings in them. I’ll need to get them sanded down before I start doing horizontal again because they’re sharp.