What's the weirdest way you've dinked a yoyo?

Dinged my yoyo once when it caught around my glasses and pulled them off.

Dinged my yoyo off the small metal piece on my watch.

Threw a break away onto the lip of a glass cup that was on the carpet, and it took a clean chunk off one rim. The glass was fine :-\

Umm plastic I’m assuming? lol

So I was doing horizontal with a Gfunk and it came off the string and flew like 20 feet and only got 1 ding ;D ;D ;D :smiley:

You underestimate good quality glass.


I’m scared now.

Somewhat off topic because I didn’t actually ding my yoyo… but my Shutter… it… it survived a collision with a tiled floor… with no damage… I’m feeling very emotional right now… someone hold me…

I’ve had one or two times like that, when I’ve hit a yoyo on a tiled floor and picked it up expecting a massive ding only to find it completely spotless. It’s a strange and mysterious phenomenon… like Bigfoot I guess, only even rarer. :stuck_out_tongue:

What an amazing religious experience.