"Weird" Yoyo Incidents?

Ok, by "weird, I MEAN weird. For example, when I has around 10, i had just received my first ball bearing yoyo. It would never leave my finger, so at one point, I accidentally jumped into the bathtub WITH the yoyo still in my hand, anyone else ever have incidents as weird as these?

While I was throwing my YYF Whip, the string popped off the yoyo. like, literally popped off. no rip or tear, it didn’t break. it happened mid-spin. It was spooky.

I hit my dog in a bad place to hit anything male… :frowning:

during lunch at my middle school, a teacher that creeped me out before called me and another yoyoing friend into his classroom. i had 2 suspicions

1: i was in trouble
2: he was a pedo <------------- we seriously considered this one! :frowning:

we were creeped out! then it turns out he just wanted to show us a video of a former student of his thats really good at yoyoing. PHEW!

When I was practicing my looping, another knot went around my middle finger and I had to cut it off with a knife. I freaked out!

That same thing happened to me one time! I think it’s string tension because I was doing inside loops with my right hand so the string was getting looser. When it happened I was walking down stairs so it just flew until it hit a door.

One time my GZR code2 unscrew while I was checking string tension and while one half was rolling around on the floor the other was spinning without any problems. Thankfully the half that went flying didn’t scratch

Just yesterday I was yoyoing in my backyard with my markmont next. It unscrewed in like half a second, not like normal, when you can hear it for a second. Both halves and the bearing went flying in the pool. :o
Thankfully, i jumped in and got the yoyo. It had a ding or two, and added a little more tarnish. Still playing smooth. :smiley:

On an old 401k of mine, I was casually throwing, when I noticed that the bearing started making a weird screeching sound. I continued to play it hoping it would go away, and I started smelling some weird burning smoky kind of smell. It seemed like it was coming from the yoyo but I kept playing it not sure what do to exactly.
I was mid trick when the sound got louder and I heard a loud pop and the yoyo snagged suddenly and returned quite quickly almost hitting me.

I unscrewed the yoyo to find that the bearing has split in half. The shields popped off and the entire bearing had cracked in half across its face completely. It was also very hot.

I don’t even know how that happens. But I’m super careful with bearings now that’s for sure.


My mighty flea, while throwing it, It popped off (much like the above whip post) before it even went to the end of the string…And the String was attached, I checked because I had just wound it up from a dead state…Weirdest moment, next to my OG Fiesta one…While Throwing the Fiesta on a Windless day (No Storm in sight, no wind…I swear) I was attempting to learn Whips to get them much neater…As soon as I popped it up, the wind suddenly got Strong as could be, and within Minutes it was hailing…Luckily I had grabbed the yoyo and went under the porch in time. Apprently The storm In the Gulf Of Mexico caused it to hail during Summer In San Antonio Texas, And the winds were so strong, they ripped up the Bank down by my school’s Metal Roof clean off. Scary Day, The sky was purplish pink and no sun…

I had gotten the dark magic a while ago and it came with cotton string and after hours of using it. The yoyo made a weird sound so I unscrewed it to see that part of string had been burnt from the bearing.

Threw a breakaway and as the yoyo hit the end of the string the string snapped. Somehow I managed to catch it 4a style without any problem. That was the best example that I have of learning all the styles. You never know when you may need them.

when i got my first yoyo it waz a duncan flying squirrel and i had forgot to put the slipnot in it so it would not slip off and next thing i new i waz doing arouund the world and the yoyo had flew off my finger and got stuck in a tree

I had finished yoyoing with my Asteroid, and put it in my left pocket of my windbreaker. The windbreaker smelled weird, so I decided to do laundry. Then, I threw all my clothes except my windbreaker. I had to take out the Asteroid. I took it out, and laid it on my bookshelf upstairs. 3 or so hours passed, and it was time to dry my clothes. As I reached for the soaking windbreaker, there was something heavy holding it down. It was my Asteroid! Luckily the bearing was deshielded and every ‘metal’ part of the yoyo (bearing, axle, nut) were stainless steel. But the weight rings looked like crap, so I took out the Asteroid caps and put in YYJ Fever caps.

In the middle of Walmart I was just walking and throwing (an extremely natural thing for me). I threw, and (like a couple other people) my dv888 flung off of the string for no reason… no break, string tension was fine. I guess just hitting the wrong thing at the wrong time can send a dv across Walmart. :smiley:

-the creep :wink:

I couldnt land a trick with my Yuuksta of 2010. I was a noob. Got mad and threw a breakaway really hard. It hit me on the side of m,y head and I farted really loud. Lmao

I was trying to do shoot the moon but the yoyo just kept on going up(a loop 720) so of course I tried to catch it 4A style as I found it just as it started to come down. I was actually able to, but forgot the string had snapped and threw a forward pass. Needless to say it went far

When I got my first yoyo, imperial, it never left me. Somehow I even slept with it on my finger, woke up with yoyo dangling over edge of bed. I was probably also 10.

I used to do that! I woke up once with the string around my neck :stuck_out_tongue:

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