"Weird" Yoyo Incidents?

I’ve never heard of that band before lol.


I told this story elsewhere but it seems to fit:

First grade, Mrs. Marcy leaves the classroom. I’m a firstgrader, imperial in my pocket, what’s a kid to do? Yep I start playing and having a great time. I hear Mrs. Marcy coming back to class and give the string a tug, gotta put it in my pocket fast, I do an accidental regen and the yo goes swinging over her desk, tipping her coffee and sending a figurine crashing to the ground.

Sheesh first grade got tough after that! ::slight_smile:

I will say the same thing as xXYoYo888Xx

I don’t know if it was weird, but when I was in 6th grade I got my Dark Magic taken away because I couldn’t stop staring at it. haha

Had a yomega brain xp string got tangle broke my teeth :’(

I dropped my code 2, it rolled under the car, the car started to move, it’s ran over my code 2… :frowning:
I was once trying to do a Texas cowboy and the string snapped.


Poor code 2!

What else happened?

No yoyo?