Wierd happenings

Anything wierd happen to you while you were yoyoing?

My DNA suddenly turned more reaponsive than an Imperial. I tapped a pab, then it was fine.

Um i was doing a throwhand grind with my Hectic, popped it up, flew off the string, hit the ceiling then crashed on the floor like a broken voodoo doll that they zoom in on in horror movies :smiley:

I got my GM2 from BiH and it had two anno flaws and the one silicone sticker was not pushed in all the way… I pushed it in (Played fine) and fell in love with the yoyo and forgot to send an email to BiH and then I didn’t remember till like a week later and I knew it would be too late for them to believe me…

And I thought it was real weird… My Die-Nasty became my favorite 5A throw… I droped it soooo many times on concrete and it was scratched and dinged like crazy but vibeless… Then I dropped an arial in the grass and it was the grass blade that broke the camel’s back… I think the bearing seat collapsed… I think it was just odd that it took such a beating from concrete and then a drop in the grass took 'er out…

while playing with my 888 it hit my hand and fell apart i swear it was tight on.

I cleaned my speed maker’s bearing and it became responsive. (btw u spelled weird wrongly)

I was going for doing an aerial under my leg and I didn’t catch the counter-weight like i was supposed to and it hit my square in the forehead… had a HUGE goose egg.

i broke 5 strings in 10 minutes

I before E except after C. I spelt wierd right.

There are some exceptions…

were they cotton?
I snapped a whole pack of duncan cottons in 2 days…


Hectic’s are amazing! What did it do to the body? shudders

You’re yo-yo died nastily! ;D

I was throwing my Agape and it suddenly turned into a Genesis! Weird.

Oh and try to spell check your weird. It really is wrong. lol

Actually, you didn’t. It is spelled weird.