What is your biggest fall apart

Mine would have to be when I was throwing my Pistolero the other day. I guess it got a little loose with out my noticing. Anyways I throwing inside my room in the doorway facing the inside of my room. I threw a break away and the yoyo came apart. One half stuck the string into the axle and the other half went flying out my door hooked in time to barely skid along the perpendicular wall that was connected my hallway to the front room came off the wall hooked wide to make it into the mud room doorway took a hard right to miss the cat box cruised through the mud room into the wash room where it spun for a solid ten seconds into the washing machine. Now that was one epic fall apart. I still don’t know where the bearing went.

I went to my friend Alec’s House for 2 Days, and on Sunday we had to go to Church. So people wanted us to put on a YoYo Show for them, and I used my New General-Yo Hatrick.
Well at the end of my performance, my last trick, the yoyo flew apart and banged against the Wall, Really Fast. But it was Awesome because everybody thought that I did that on purpose to make the show Interesting. :smiley:

Four or five years ago…

I was at MN States in the ladder comp. Throwing a Spintastics Maelstrom. First throw, the thing comes apart. Bearing and spacers go three different ways, the two halves each their own as well. Closest part was 20 ft away. :-[

I was throwing my metal zero, and I threw a breakaway, and it totally fell apart in the air, completely missing the tv, door, and windows, but the axle came out and is still MIA… ???

At the mall a kid gave me his 201 to do a couple of tricks with while he shot some video on his phone. He had loosened the gap a bunch because he didn’t mess with the starburst yet. I recall doing eli hops or something when the yoyo simply exploded into pieces. I managed to catch one side but the other went and rolled down the escalator. I knew it would’ve been a fruitless search so I just gave him the money to buy a new one. He seemed more than fine that his yoyo exploded, though; he thought it was awesome.

Well, I don’t suppose this counts, but oh well.

I was throwing a Dark Magic at my summer camp’s talent show. It was going pretty well, I nailed a good amount of my tricks. (It was mostly barrel rolls and stuff like that, but hey, it worked!) I mis-timed the ending of the song, so I ended up throwing on the very last note of the song. I was going to have to just bring the yoyo back awkwardly after the song was over. No big deal.

Instead, the string snapped immediately, right as the music hit the last chord. The yoyo rolled right off the stage and into the audience. I was quite befuddled, but considered it an appropriate end to my performance. So I walked off the stage.

I was just throwing my hatrick in my basement one day, and right in the middle of the tirck (when the yoyo happened to be going up) one of the halfs came off. Just kinda out of instinct, i caught the half as it was flying upward. I then preceded to play with half a yoyo ( the side tha came off wasn’t the side with the bearing so the yoyo was still spinning). I’ve never been able to do it again.

Someone wanna link my 5a final from BAC? That was a fun one haha

had a losi grim sleeper come apart on me once and it ended up in a lake. Whats kinda’ funny about that is I lost a cherry bomb in the same lake about the same place a few weeks before that. and then about a year later a yomega fireball wing. :frowning: lol

I was throwing some 4A at school with my Exodus II. Someone convinced me to do a whip catch on top of a slide with my back facing the slide. So, if I missed someone at the bottom could catch it. Well, I missed and it shot down the slide and fell apart and the bearing and spacers flung everywhere. Never really found them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Got it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT0kzyW1Qlk

When I was using my PHEMOMizm, and I was using it over concrete, and all of a sudden it fell apart. That always happens to me for some reason, now it happened to my PHEOMizm like 3 times. XD But the worst one was when I was using my friends mint Primo he just got, and he let me try it, and when I was unscrewing it, the side with the bearing fell on the ground, and I totally freaked out because he totally really gets mad at you when you just get a little pinprick on one of his yoyos. I felt so guilty, lol.

My big fall apart wasn’t really that big or exciting, but it inflicted some considerable emotional damage. It was many years ago, before I was really any good at yo yoing. At the time, my favorite yo yo was a clear Spintastics Tornado. It was my only yo yo with a ball bearing and I learned my first string tricks with it (aside from the basic mounts that I learned on a Duncan Butterfly). I took my Tornado with me everywhere, either just to throw around or to bust out some sweet split the atom type stuff. I made the mistake one day of letting this annoying little kid play with it for a second. All this kid did was spin it around-the-world-style as hard as he could until the thing flew apart. The bearing was lost forever in that gravel parking lot along with a piece of my soul. I punched that kid in the face later, but that’s a different story. I will always remember that sweet Tornado as a great yo yo cut down in it’s prime by a devil child. I miss you Tornado! My only wish is that you are making someone as happy in the next life as much as you did for me. :’(

I was yoyoing with a legacy by a road. I didn’t realize it began to unscrew, so when it did, one half rolled down the concrete sidewalk and slammed into some things. The other half rolled into the road and rested near the center. I was about to go get it when a garbage truck rolled by… When it passed, it wasn’t a legacy half anymore :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(
sad, I know and false… completely false

I was messing around in our school auditorium with some friends and decided then was a cool time to try my first Mickey jump. It went over my head, then for the jump. Improper timing, I landed weird and kicked the string and the Frantic, it came apart and flew everywhere.

Also, just randomly at Madfest it came apart and the bearing was headed away. Luckily someone caught it for me.

I was just screwing around looping with a Yomega Fireball the other day, and as I was walking around my kitchen the two halves flew apart and I was left with only the transaxle thingy on my string. My kitchen, living room, and a small tv room are all connected, and it took me a good 10 minutes to find both halves. ::slight_smile:

As for me, I attempted a fix on my Electric Daisy one time. It was stuck together, and I thought that it was permanent :slight_smile: (loctite), so I threw in my kitchen. Needless to say, a glass lost its life that day ::slight_smile:

well yesterday I played my Hitman pro and trying to do a palm grind but I only touch one cap and it unscrew itself then they fall apart in 3 direction