What have you Broken with a YoYo?


I recently got a Brand New Fancy Watch. It’s really sharp, I don’t usually wear watches cause I’m not too concerned with what time it is. I had a House Guest visiting so I was demonstrating for her some of my new YoYo Tricks, I was doing Kwijibo and when I crossed my arms the YoYo came down right on my brand new watch shattering the Crystal Face. Needless to say I felt like an idiot. But it made me start thinking, What other things have people inadvertently broken while YoYoing? We can all learn from each others mistakes, I now know to never YoYo wearing a Watch. So, What about it?


I broke out the front picture window of our home with a wooden Duncan Imperial when I was like 6 or so. I think there may still be some red spots on my backside from the beating my mother gave me that afternoon. It was an accident. I didn’t deserve that I didn’t think…still don’t.

When the insurance adjuster came he asked my Dad if he was looking for the replacement cost on a new yo-yo. I wish he would have because I never saw that little Black and White wooden Imperial again.

I still miss it.

it took me a long time to type this because I’m still laughing at LinksLegionaire’s post.


What post?


Uh oh, looks like the mods got to it. Trust me, they were justified.


Broke the watch on my non throw hand the face at least that can be repaired


I broke my mind when I dinged my expensive metal…

It wasn’t even mine.

And it was a mint Chief. I still regret that. It came apart randomly.

What a well known story in the NH yoyo club. :slight_smile:


A yo-yo? My life. ;D


My Nixon Time Teller P watch that I had gotten the day before. I was soo upset. I also once slammed my POPstar into the kitchen tile floor so hard it cracked the tile but didn’t even scuff the yoyo. Haha


My ipad, and one of my watches


My bank account. And parent’s bank account.


Skin, a lightbulb, and hearts.


Oh yes. Very well known in the club.
At least Adam didn’t care too much.


I was lucky… :slight_smile:


Great thread. i broke a MYY t5 with a MYY n5 doing 3a.


A $2500 Gucci watch.


No, really? ouch.


Oooh that put a hole in your bank account


Once I was throwing a Chaser and I shattered a glass bowl that was beside me but there was no mark on the Chaser


ad scratched up due to yoyo, and my lip D’:


Oh, I also broke my Maneki Neko (Lucky cat statue) doing looping :L