Have you ever broken something with your yoyo?

I cant wait to hear what you have broken with your yoyos. I haven’t really broke anything but I am sure at least one of you guys have. :slight_smile: If you can post a pic of it.

light bulb once.

I shattered the shade on one of my ceiling lamps while practicing eli hops last week. I was standing under it and was showered with glass luckily no cuts.

Some dude’s face. He was talkin’ trash so I weaponized it.

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My own Face multiple times… I have 2 scars. Knots.

Only hearts… 8)

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Trust lol I was looping and was getting really close to my friends face and was like just trust me and hit him in the forehead haha

Floor and wall…

its safe to say I’ve never broken anything
and will never

No, but most people who see me yoyo for the first time ask if I have, LOL.

I cut and bruise my hands a lot with my General-Yo Prestige.

A good twenty lightbulbs (lightbulbs now fall under my yoyo budget), a tooth, a window, knuckles, a couple of counterweights, a few hearts, the list goes on and on.

Yeah, you’d think that, until…

yeah buddy I think you just jinxed yourself

Right I totally agree. Weird things happen. Once my grandma gave me a cheap Duncan and I was messing around in her basement and the string snapped sending the yoyo flying. I was grateful it happened then because I was doing it in front of her TV earlier. :o

A long time ago when I was 12;

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OH SNAP! Your parents musta been sooooo mad lol

Nope but i know I’m gonna

I was over my buddies house and was throwing. Gave the yoyo a hard throw for a breakaway and the strong snapped and stuck in my buddies wall. His dad made me patch the hole lol :slight_smile:

I never broke anything, but I’m pretty tall, and my bedroom ceiling is covered with marks, even some pretty deep ones :stuck_out_tongue: