Have you ever broken something with your yoyo?

I’ve broken skin quite a few times. The most recent injury was taking my Blink to the corner of my mouth where your lips meet. My top teeth went straight through. That sucked. I couldn’t take bites of food without the scab splitting and laughing was hard to do.

My PS2. Broke the front case, between the memory card slots.

Several watches… Those were good watches too ;(

A TV, put a hole in a wall, lamps, light bulbs, my face, and I may have permanent nerve damage in my hands. I think that’s it. Almost hit my dog once, would have felt so bad about that one. Oh and numerous pieces of my car, including mirrors/windows.

Nothing thank God, but I’ve come very close to breaking things and I’ve hit many people with it xD.

You should always be willing to take the hit over someone else, that’s just not right :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean if they jump in the way of your throw it’s their own fault haha

My face

haha ehh 50/50 sometimes I think the yoyo won’t hit them and then my calculations are bad :D. Other times people just get in the way and then I cannot do nothing about it, so it varies.

My SPYY Solaris took a huge chunk out if my iMac screen. I was doing some 3D green triangle and was way off. Flew forward and took a quarter size chip out of the glass. Remarkably it didn’t crack, but it took chunks out of the screen.


Haven’t broken anything, my yoyo spot is very wide open.

I did hit my 5 year old in the head once when I got a knot.

He screamed bloody murder but never got a bruise or bump, my wife did have a conniption fit on me though.

I can relate… I have a 3 year old with no fear that trusts me way too much… only a matter of time.

Never “broke” anything, but hit my face, knuckles, forearms, shins plenty…

I’ve hit the framing on the doorway to my living room and broke a chunk out of it.

I hit myself in the eye, then started to see blurry. Luckily it was my contact that got broken.

I guess I hit it just right. My eyelid was only left with a small red spot and it didn’t even hurt that bad.

My 5 year old brother is just the same!

I broke a light bulb once

It wasn’t the actual light bulb itself but it was one of those lights mounted on a ceiling fan and I broke the glass shade around it.