How many yoyo have you broken?

Okay, i will go first. I have destroyed a horizon, a kilter 2, a hubstack afterglow, a replay pro, a loop 360, a cheap auldey yoyo. So, i have broken 6 yoyos due to my carelessness :’(

How many yoyo have I broken?..

Oh so many… So many yoyo.

I tend to take care of my things. Ive broken zero. Hell, ive only dinged one! haha

An m002, a pair of Duncan pulses, and a throw monkey

One, so far. Just a few days ago. Accidentally threw my Navigator into an end table. One of the steel rings popped off and it got dinged pretty bad. I might be able to fix it, but I already ordered a replacement. They were on sale, so that was a no-brainer.

Tons of 1 dollar yoyos when I first started :wink: other than that, all damage has either been fixable or I was able to just shrug it off.

My poor horizon😢 still debating if I should get another one

i nearly cried when i kissed my Marvel to the shop floor. now i throw down a blanket.

None that I recall. :smiley:

I have only “destroyed” one throw, a Raider that I shattered on the sidewalk going for a record on around the world. For the most part, I just bang or chew up up rims (my Horizon, Shutter and 2Evil have all felt the love) and plenty of Duncan Imperials have been shredded Walking the Dog :slight_smile:

Destroyed a lynn fury, my beautiful Augie Fash g5+ ( I still have it but it just sits in my case all sad like ) muh too hot , muh vosun vanquish isn’t “destroyed” but it has a serious vibe now,

So many Duncan Butterflies, A few Imperials, 2 Raiders, 2 Fireballs, 1 BC Firebird, 1 BC Phantom, 1 BC Natural, Duncan Echo 2, a YoyoFactory DayDream, a ReplayPro… I think that’s it.

I broke between 10-20 loopers every year, Fireballs, Raiders, Initiators, Loop1080.
I also broken Bounty Hunter by Godtricks, because I play 5a with it, and a Phenom, Fast201, Griffin Wing, Brain, Brain XP, Crossfire, I think there are a few more I barely remember.
And definitely some cheapo yoyos.
Hmm interesting, I didn’t know I broke that many until I think about it.

I’ve only broken 1 throw. My second yyf throw, it was the amazing starlite, I loved that thing up until my string snapped on a good hard throw and sent it straight to the ground and then into a wall. It broke around the hub. I miss that nice glowing little dude, he is missed.