What have you and your Yoyo broken?

Whether it’s a body part, a piece of furniture, or another person’s pride, what have you done with your yoyo?

I broke my friends finger and 2 lamps

I didn’t “break” anything, but I have dislocated my knee.

i broke the top off a angels cookie jar.

well, i didnt “break” anything but my mom was limping. mom tryed to bind on my dv888. hit her knee. big bruise. ouchys

ive bruised my elbow probley 22 times… and cracked my knuckles a couple times.

I hit my eye with a yoyo and cut my eyelid, :-\ it was bleeding for like 3 days…

Bruised my thumb super badly, cut the bottom of my chin, smacked myself in the temple…all that fun stuff.

I made a dent in my fridge with my northstar. Hahaha

Haven’t exactly broken anything yet. But my Drifter was in a pocket of my backpack designed to hold a cup. So I put a slushy from Sonic on top of it…big mistake. The Drifter cut the styrofoam cup and the slushy leaked all over my bag and me all through class. Ugh. Haha.

I have bruised my head pretty good, hit my knuckles countless times, and have made a permanent engraving on my middle finger from the string:-)

I broke the lens in my glasses several weeks after getting a new perscription… oops…

Trying to learn Spirit Bomb nearly broke my spirit.

My yoyo broke… my heart :’(

mine dinged the floor

Lighting fixture but surprisingly not the light bulb! I also broke the skin around my elbow region with a Spyder. The spike split the skin and I was bleeding pretty bad for a couple of minutes.

I dinged my ceiling yesterday, and a newly painted wall now has 2 black marks on it from where my New Breed hit it.

My Overdrive once snagged during a trick and shot super fast straight up at my face. For those of you who aren’t familiar with YYR’s profile shapes, they’re pretty sharp. If I wasn’t wearing my sunglasses, I’m pretty sure my eyebrow would have been split wide open. Luckily my eye region and sunglasses walked away unscathed.

its comments like this that make the need for yye to have a ‘like’ button

There’s always the “Thank you” button.

WOW ur friends finger
you have to tell us that story LOL