What have you broke?

So I had my phone in my left paints pocket and I was throwing, nothing unusual. Occasionally the yoyo bounces off my belt buckle or hits my leg and I pay it no mind. Well a hour or so later I go to use my phone and the screen is cracked. So now that I have a new phone I always put the screen towards my leg.
Anyone else do this before?
What things have you broken while throwing?

You sure someone didn’t throw a yoyo at your leg? How did you break your phone just yoyoing???

I have cracked my case on my phone yoyoing, so it is indeed possible. I put my phone in my butt pocket nows. Lots of danger is avoided that way.

A flourecent lightbulb! Murcury poison anybody?

My dignity

Well, nothing that I can think of.

I thought you meant body parts, and hey, I haven’t broken a bone either.

My life

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  • A window
  • 6 or 7 light bulbs
  • A tooth
  • My social life
    -Laptop screen

And I’m sure there are other things I’m forgetting about.

A Christmas tree ordament
One of my toes…

I’m thinking maybe I was binding and it slipped off my finger, or maybe I missed the bind and it hit my leg. It couldn’t of been hard or I think I would of noticed.
I like the way your thinking ‘nardcopter’ I will start putting it in my back pocket.

2 watches from yo-yoing

A have broken nothing.

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I’m always a tiny bit scared when a kid starts yo-yoing because of me, because I’m afraid they will go buy a metal yo-yo, promptly break their teeth, and then their parents will hate me.

And ipad, a watch, and dozens of yoyo strings.

A glass table when I was 3. I didn’t know any better. Yoyo’s got banned thereafter for many years.

My face… And a backlight bulb which made a screwup in my dv888

skin so many times it’s ridiculous

Light bulb with my proyo.

Thank you.