what is your most stupidest thing that you guys did in yoyoing?


mine is doing around the world with a c3 dibase for stuff and giggles and it broke a glass lamp cover and dinged my yoyo.

Watch the profanity please. This is an all ages forum. Thanks.


(Owen) #2

I walked tge dog with my maverick before I knew it would ding it.

I was like 11


Might want to edit out the expletive there before a mod does it for you.



Ages ago I was doing an around the world in the kitchen and hit one of the glass light covers on the ceiling fan. Mom was none too pleased, but she wanted new covers anyway so I got off the hook. ;D


I walked the dog ON my dog with my dash and it bit his fur.
I felt really bad.



Ever since then, my bank account has been under heavy attack.

However, I’m still having fun! No regrets!


Handing a metal to a total newbie who was shorter than me and was standing over concrete. DING! dies a little inside



I looked on YouTube and couldn’t find a very funny video of a youngster practicing horizontal play laying on the floor of his kitchen. It was called “I want this to go viral” or something like that. If anyone knows of the video I’m talking about and can post a link here I’ll send you an e-cookie. :slight_smile:

It certainly qualifies to be included in this thread. Very funny stuff.


This happened a couple days ago. You know when the yoyo is coming back and it can sometimes snag on your clothes if you’re unlucky (or lucky if you’re doing it on purpose)? Well I had a weird bind and the yoyo shot up, knocked me in the glasses and got caught in my hair in that same manner. It sucked.


bought a destiny. didnt buy a 1st run peak for 100 when i had the chance. didnt buy a 3rd gen peak in the very last run when there were a bunch still left. kicking myself over those last 2 peaks.


When I was new to this, my North Star was breaking in. Looked up how to fix it, and of coarse, you had to wash the bearing. So I ran it under the sink.


I had a knot in my DM2 so I did a forward pass while I was holding my ipad, and you can guess what happened next. ;D


Permanently lost a yoyo the day that it came in the mail

gave my self a black eye with the phenomizm.

cracked my itouch screen with phenomizm.

my response fell out in the middle of me showing off to a bunch of people and I couldn’t explain to them why I was failing.

gave my first yoyo to a friend as soon as I bought and and he dinged it really bad.

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I’ve told this story before but here goes:

1st grade, Mrs. Marcey steps outside of the room. I take my trusty red Imperial out of my pocket and begin having a good time. Upon hearing the teacher outside the door I quickly attempt to stop mid trick and put the yo back into my pocket. This hurried action tips her coffee cup and knocks a figurine off of her desk, crashing to the floor. Ahhhhh 1st grade, those were the days ;D.


thats me.


I threw my mint 28 Stories Avalanche at a tree.


I almost broke my nose when i was doing revolutions and turned my head to see a cute girl, who was walking behind me


I decided to loop with an old proyo with a frayed string. Then I had to walk down the stairs and was still looping. While walking down the stairs the string snapped and the yoyo flew down the stairs and dented the wall.

Also, I threw a lazy, stupid breakaway/around the world thing and it came around and hit me in the temple.


My friend JUST and I mean just dinged his perfectly mint chief…then I do a snap start with it and the slipknot comes loose and it starts rolling down the concrete sidewalk. Maby not stupid but probably the worst moment I have had with a yoyo. For stupids sake…trying to explain to someone how Jensen throws around his neck so I decide to demonstrate and my ZeuS wacks me straight in my eye.


I was walking down the street when I got a knot (I was using a Chief). I unscrewed it and fixed the string. Then I screwed it back together and did a spin start. Well I didn’t put the string back on the bearing so my Chief goes rolling down the sidewalk. TING TING TING.