What's the vibiest unresponsive yoyo you ever owned? Is it a bad throw?

Decided to create this thread out of the smoothest yoyo thread.

I don’t know if I’m lucky or if I simply don’t care about vibe, but all my unresponsive yoyos, which even include a plastic protostar, have unnoticeable vibe. The only exception is my MagicYoyo N12, which vibes like an epileptic crisis, but I still think it’s a great throw.

So, what unresponsive yoyo vibes the most for you? Does it affect play at all? Do you think it’s a bad throw?

You’re correct in thinking most yoyos have vibe. I’ve owned CLYW, Spyy, general-yo, oxy, and one drop and not a single one has been completely dead smooth to me. I’ve thrown a vektor and a proto hspin tigorylla and those were the only throws I’ve had that were 100% unnoticeable on the string. Now the hard part is determining vibe from wobble because I’ve had some very wobbly yoyos and I’d say an untuned buzzon goes right up there on the list or maybe a hicoo lio. The lio was just a terrible throw but the buzzons are still fun.

C3 Winning bird. I’m sure that something was wrong with it or someone did something to it before I became the owner. It has the most annoying pulsing vibe and wobble ever. I have yet to be able to get rid of this yoyo.

The worst I ever felt was my first Anti-Yo SLCK YWET. I’m talking about vibe so strong that in double or nothing you could feel it in your bones up to your elbows like you were firmly gripping a washing machine. It was extremely unpleasant and I don’t think anyone would have just decided to deal with it. It was very distracting as far as play goes. I’ve never tried another throw that was even at all comparable as far as vibe goes, it was that strong.

…But, YYE, being the great cs company that they are not only took it right back, but Andre himself tested the other SLCK YWET’s they had and sent me the best one.

Element X Pro

Yes, it was bad

Well, are we talking about any yo-yo or brand new yo-yo’s?

If it’s brand new yo-yo’s, my Victor Gravitsky Protostar has an annoying pulsing vibe straight out of the package. Not sure how to tune it, so I deal with it.

Got a Punch Line on the BST that came with vibe (listed as such, so no shock to me!). It has significant vibe which can be felt on grinds but doesn’t slow the yoyo down too drastically.

Still one of my favourite throws I’ve ever tried. The vibe doesn’t bother me much at all, though I’d like to try a nearly-smooth Punch Line some day (not “dead smooth”, which just feels lifeless to me).

Both, the more the merrier.
I specifically would like to know how the vibiest of the throws affect your play.

Madhouse RAD But I still love it.



Got a 3yo3 Cosmo with some wobble in a trade once. Traded it away and found another that is a lot smoother :slight_smile:

Got a brand new CLYW Gnarwhal when it first came out. Had some crazy vibe for a metal. Would hurt your thumb on a grind. Don’t know if it got damaged during shipping but contacted YYE and got a replacement and the replacement was smooth as butter.

Well, my poor C3 Capless was my beater for a long time. Last week it took its last hit against the doorknob and then the tile. After cutting new string and playing it, I found it had unbearable wobble, and the weird damage scratched me on grinds. My poor, beautiful yoyo is retired now, sitting on my shelf. I will get a new one eventually, I love that yoyo.

I’ve experienced vibe on some of my throws, but none were as bad as on my Super G and Northstar. Both had a terrible, pulsating vibe that made the yoyos unplayable. Both would register max spin times of 10-15 seconds before dying out.

My Yuuksta vibes like crazy and its the only throw I own ):

Yeah mine did too.

easy solution, loctite and a 10 ball bearing.

I’ve had pretty good luck with vibe so far. I guess my vibiest throw would be my old N5… I think it cross threaded or something, but even the it wasn’t that vibey. I have a new N5 now, still really like that yoyo. Good shape, good size, etc. it was my first unresponsive yoyo, and it’s stuck with me since then.

I’ve never had one that wobbled… But I’m super sensitive to vibe so almost ever yoyo feels vibey to me. My summits used to, then they got tuned.

ProtoStar that got hit hard on the ground. It vibes into my soul…

Dv888. I swear I was seeing double

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