What's the vibiest unresponsive yoyo you ever owned? Is it a bad throw?

My protostar.

My beat up (tons of Dings and scratches) Dv888 has tons of vibe but still plays like new

My monkeyfinger evil-yo has a very bad vibe. I can get it to go smooth but most of the time when I throw a breakaway or a sleeper, it vibes like all get out. Maybe it’s b/c the shape of it is so weird that it’s hard to throw it down or out for the breakaway evenly. And my Anti-Yo Dri-Ywet is the smoothest yoyo I have ever thrown period. Sometimes I don’t even know if it’s still spinning. So, so, so, so, smooth. I still remember the first time I ever threw a sleeper with it, so quiet, so still, so beautiful, I felt nothing at all except the string wrapped around my finger. Sometimes I like to throw a sleeper and bring the yoyo up to my eye level and just stare at it b/c it’s so crazy to me that it’s spinning b/c it looks as though it’s sitting perfectly still.

RecRev f(X), but it was a B-grade so I can’t complain. It’s a very good yoyo, It’s just I tried a few that had a crazy amount of vibe.

Onestar. Usually responsive, too, with a clean bearing. Might need to sand the bearing seat…

YYJ Trigger :frowning: i loved this throw but after a few metals i cant handle the vibe anymore guess i got used to smoother throws

I had a crucial metal milk that went sour - so to speak.

But it was from abuse and several drops. The throw itself was awesome!

Temna bow v

Probably the WYYC13 yoyo. So vibey. Every single one I tried was vibey. And they charged me $75 for one…

We don’t talk about the crap that was the Worlds Edition yoyo…

Yyf popstar. I expected it though because it is a 25 dollar metal.

I got one too, and it pulses a bit. I tuned it and its barely noticable, but if you screw it a bit or loosen it, its the worst vibe i ever saw, and its pulsing too. One second it shakes, and one second its HD, one second it shakes, one second, well, you get the idea. Worst part is, Alexis j-v chose it out of a bunch for me at worlds…

I got one of those too, and it sure takes a special approach to the throw, just like the lesula.

Magic n9, only with the stacks. Without them it’s smooth as butter.

the phontom had pretty bad vibe
plastic and kinda cheap so expected of it

My Dark Magic II vibed like a blender man, it was crazy. Was it a bad throw? I don’t think so, I really want to pick up another one and give it a chance. Hoping I just had a bad one or something. I liked how it felt in the hand, and it got me through all the starter type tricks until I picked up a few other yoyos.

YES! I tried one that got unscrewed all weird and the wobble and pulsing couldn’t be stopped with the finger test. It was scary…

Mine was smmmmmoooooooottttthhhhhh as butter.