What's the Point of Having Two of the Same YoYo?


If you don’t do 3A, and you’re not sponsored. Just wondering.


Two reasons I can think of:

  1. So you can have the same yoyo set up in different ways without having to change string/bearing/response all the time.
  2. Some people just like having all the colours.


(WildCat23) #3

If you compete, you have another in case you screw up.


Sometimes you just find a yoyo that you’re like, “Wow, I hope they never ever run out of this” so you might buy another essentially as a spare, since you enjoy it so much


If you have the papes who cares

(Steve Brown) #6

I keep a pair of Roll Models in my bag, one set up with a counterweight and one without. I also have different pads in each (something that I’ve never cared about before, but I’m finding is sorta interesting).

I personally really hate dealing with swapping counterweights on and off, so it’s nice to just have two yo-yos ready to go for whatever I want.

(SR) #7

I own duplicates of a few yoyos. I have two KLR’s because I want my really nice super awesome good one, and my beater so that I won’t cry or throw up when I dent it. lol


Sometimes it’s nice to have two yoyos also because the manufacturer produces them with different weights. I have 2 Chiefs because they were different weights. Like SR said a beater and a mint are also nice. That’s why I have 2 PUREs, a beater and a nice one. Other times you get one in a color scheme that you love (Frank’s Slide BVM for example) and then realize you need another color because you love it as well (Shark vs. Zombie Beaver BVM in my case). I don’t know…


1: If you have two of the same, when the response on one wears out and you’ve siliconed it, then you have an identical or near identical one to keep throwing with while you wait out the 24 hours for it to cure. Having 2 DM’s for example.

2: Why not? Do different colored versions count? I have 2 Phenoms in different colors, a Speeder and a second Speeder coming in and I intend to keep both stock. I have other pairs as well. 2 Techno2’s that were going to be my 3A learning pair, for example. I have a pair of Magic YoYo T9’s in different colors to be my ASquared pair.

3: If you’re teaching, might be good sometimes to have the same thing on your hand as in their hand. Helps prove it’s the player, not the throw. Trust me, sometimes it makes a HUGE difference when you’re doing “like for like” with someone you’re teaching.

4: Different configurations. I have 2 Classics, one I’m keeping completely stock, another one unresponsive. I’m thinking of getting a few more: Have a 3A pair, one set up stock response but wide bearing, and 1 set for 5A. I have a Trigger, I want a second to leave set up for 5A. I have 2 Code2’s, one stock and one with disc side effects. I have 2 Lyn Fury yoyos, one stock, one siliconed.

5: Sometimes you just like them. I have 4 Aquarius and 4 Unleashed(soon to be 6). Even if you don’t compete, sometimes it’s good to have spares around. In the case of 4A since that stuff can go running away from you, it’s good to have multiple throws to work off and then screw up, then go get them all back and start over. I will say I search for good deals on things like the Aquarius, paying less than $15 each for them. The first pair of Unleashed, I got at YYE. The second pair I got while I was on vacation near Disneyland. The next one I ordered is on its way from overseas, and I will choose a random one at a store this weekend, where I will also let my son pick out his own pair of Unleashed yoyos.

6: Variants. I’d like to get a heavier Chief, and I have 2 Peaks that play completely different.

I am going to learn 2A this weekend. 3A is a future objective(before end of 2013 but maybe some basics before end of 2012).


I have a pro for 5A and one for 1A. Some yoyos you just have to have more than one of anyway.

I have two code2’s that I got in eugene from David, two skywalkers, two northstars, three JK’s, two gnarwhals (my favorite CLYW), two chiefs, two supernovas and of course the aformentioned pro’s. I used to have four sasquatches and three avalanches at one time as well.

I just love yoyos, what more is there to say, hehe.

(Owen) #11

I like switching halves of my jojos.

Sometimes if they are the same one.


I do it a lot, but for different reasons, depending on the yo-yo. The most popular reason for me is to keep one as a collector, and play the other one. I have done it at least 10 times for throws I really liked. The second most popular reason is just to have all colors to match what I plan to wear. My most extreme example is my 6 Dingos.


[Fake Australian Account]: Maybe the Dingos ate your bank account![/Fake Australian Accent]

Yup. Yoyos can be an important accessory. No, I’m not ridiculing what was said. Sometimes you want the yoyo to seem a part of what you’re wearing. It can be a bit “cooler” that way, this way it isn’t standing out until you want to use it, and even so, then it seems like it still goes with the outfit. Of course, string colors can also become important too. Some people like to match string colors up to yoyos for “best match” purposes.

As long as you’re not spending beyond your means, it should all be fine. I however fail to see how the Foxy Moss New Ava I just ordered will fit with anything I currently own… I am failure when it comes to fashion. However, yoyos as part of fashion, now that’s a cool concept.


Actually I think it is kinda silly to have 2 of the same yoyo. I usually try to have 5 or 6 of the same yoyo


Funny because it’s true.


[real Australia accent]: Maybe a dingo ate your bank account![/real Australian accent]

There, much better :wink:



HOnestly because if a person wants more than one then they’ll get another or more.


Yep, different colour-ways are a big incentive for me. I have three of the same throws and I love them all!


I bought more just to say I had alot of em. I played with everyone and didnt collect for the sheer thought of collecting.I use to be really bad about wanting every sweet colorway. At one point I 2 OG Peaks and a few second runs. 3 Canvai, 7 or 8 Chiefs, 8 or 10 Yukki Edition 401ks,10-15 regular and limited other 401k’s, 6 first run Milks…etc

Ive stopped recently and only have two Cerberus (black on black worlds ?!?! could pass it up!) and a two chiefs.


I currently have 32 of one yoyo. That’s the best way to do it.