What's the best cylw udder $100?

the one spin longest?? has best bearing?? ?? makes least bad binds? ??


These are never going to end.


there are none


I would buy an udder for $100. Make some homemade ice cream.

As long as there are new (young) people to yoyoing (which is a good thing) posts like this will happen.

If and when I have a child… He or she will not be on and internet forum let alone the internet period until they are well into their 20’s!!! hehe

srsly CLYW Snipe nuff sed

Alas, this is the truth. I still get a chuckle whenever I go in General and see them though :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I can just imagine. “Daaaaad, I need to look up something online!”

“Son, how old are you?”


“Exactly. Go read a book.”

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There’s probably a direct inverse correlation between time spent on YYE worrying about the best yoyo and skill as a player… No offense to anyone of course. I myself readily admit i’m on here too much, although i do try and mostly browse mostly at work… But yeah there’s probably a reason we don’t see a lot of pros on here with thousands of posts lol.

All the pros are here. They just use different names.

Heck yea man!!! I grew up with… Wait for it… Encyclopedias… Like we actually opened up a book to look stuff up… I mean really… A BOOK!!! uggggg I did not even LEARN about the internet until college… Yes I am old…

The best udders are from cows

Yeah but they have like 10 posts and 2 trades in the last 5 years…

uh uh. goats.

Steve Brown? He’s an avid member of the forum

Billy Bob’s Bait & Tackle sells most CLYWs for under $100.

and here’s a video that shows the difference in spin times for each model:

I see what you did there!


I’m sick of this “go read a book”, “I grew up with no technology”, “when I was your age…” mentality. You have to realize that we are in a different generation now. In this era we are literally dependent on technology so people need to stop using their nostalgia to put themselves on pedestals. Technology changes, if the internet was a big thing during your childhood you’d use it too, so please stop romanticizing about the past… Yes, back then might have been better but you must realize that children who are growing up in this century were not as exposed to tangible material like you did when you were a teenager.

You are 100% correct… I agree with everything you said… I was being sarcastic to the post as Links was being the same about his original post.

My “rant” was more me saying how times have changes and all. Nothing against it in the slightest…

Here’s my story(short) and keeping it strictly yoyo related:

I was born in 1971. I got a yoyo when I was 6. Wood Duncan Imperial with gold decoration.

For all I knew about yoyo there was the Imperial and the “good yoyo kids” had the Butterfly. However, I only had the yoyo about 5 months. You can read about that somewhere else.

I had since learned a few years later(high school) about clutch yoyos and Yomega. Learning ceased in 1990 until 2011 when I got into it again. Wow, this stuff changed!

We live in the present. We need to teach people about the past. We don’t need to EXIST in the past. Things change and evolve.

However, my internet connect sucks so hard, I miss the analog dial-up days, at least that crap worked! Still does. I make a lot of money supporting analog dial-up applications. and other IT/datacomm stuff. But I move forward. 300bps all the way up to developing and writing code for protocols, chipsets and firmware, R&D’ing products, digital circuits install, configuration and troubleshooting… frame relay, encryption(old and evolving), security… you name it, things change.

Move forward. It’s the only direction.

Now go get a ball bearing yoyo!

I grew up in that little period where technology was just starting to take over. While I agree that technology is a great thing, I still think that most people these days, not just kids, are far too dependent on it and possibly even addicted to it. There’s nothing wrong with technology but it should enhance your life, rather than control it.

Anyway, getting back onto the original topic, I don’t mind answering these sorts of questions from time to time but when it’s the one person posting a dozen topics a day asking whether yoyo X is better than Y, and then if Y is better than Z, etc. it begins to get quite grating.