What yoyo is under your tree?


Sorry if there is already a thread for this!

Just post what yoyos you are waiting until Christmas to open!

For me: Gold CLASH 2012, Hulk Smash Peak, and a Trigger!

Oh, and some kitty strings and bearings.

(M.DeV1) #2

Hopefully a good one. Got my cousin a mystery box to kick off his new interest in yoyoing!


Dibase and maybe a Something V

(Owen) #4

I’m hoping for a Northern Lights Gnarwhal


Gold Blue Splash Genesis
Center Trac
25 Pck Orange YYE String
And then Friday my Purple Mountain Majesty (: Markmont Dragon String, Metz String and Atomic Wonder Toxic and then maybe a FHZ a Northstar and a token but idk about those


I’m not sure, but I think an H5x chief and a super G. Not sure though. I’m pretty sure I’m getting a cascade too.


A red cascade that wants to mix with my orange and my blue cascade.


none. i dont get yoyos

(M.DeV1) #9



i just got my new red gleipnir ;0. im waiting on my secret santa and Jet Set eC

(2Sick Joey) #11

I know that I have a Freq. Wave and a crucial AYCE. I know there are more yoyos but i don’t know yet


Ha ha…

If my parents knew how much a yo-yo actually costs, they would make me resell them all to get my money back.

My parents are under the impression that my Chief costs $30


Hulk Smash CLYW Cliff, YYF Mystery box, Kitty String, Werrd Hour(my brothers)


A 2012 ILYY Fury, and a TMBR Lovejoy or Baldwin.

Quite excited to try out some good wood. ;D


YYF grind machine neon orange

Yoyoexpert 8 bag case


A madhouse compulsion and eternal throw victory


none… i’m gonna get coal :-\




i don’t even have a tree