What is your Christmas List?

I really want a Black with copper speckle Arctic circle 2, bonfire, a khaki yeti, and some new chiefs.


Cliff, Gnarwhal 2, Puffin, Buddah Whipple bearing (x4), Fat Kitty string, YYF mystery box (got one), Yeti, RecRev Sine//Saw, Messiah. ;D

  1. Gold Gnarwhal 2
  2. AC2
  3. Bonfire
  4. Puffin 2

Did have Yeti on there but I guess 3 is enough… For now.
My birthday is at the beginning of january so this is a split list.

I won’t get any of these unless I buy or trade for them myself, but:

Final YYE Card I need
One Drop Side Effects (Brass disks/mini disks, RSM’s, and Stunt Pegs)
AL7 Albatross

  1. Summit
  2. string (probably kitty and YYSL)
  3. YYF holster
  4. Lube (not sure which one yet, doesn’t really matter)
  5. YYF Mystery Box
  6. Yeti!

I think that is it for yoyo related stuff, my other list is way longer haha :wink:

I made this about 2 weeks ago. I think the search bar still works ok, but I may be wrong.


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2. Cheif
3. Loop 1080 pair
4. Andy’s 4a suggestion (what was it again?)
5. Really anything.

But i wont be getting any of them lol. My christmas yoyo present ws the thread :slight_smile:

I want a pony. :slight_smile:

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It was an Ashiru Kamui Light :smiley:

As for me, I have too many wants at this point. Realistically, I want to get a Summit by Christmas… Possibly a Lunar Wind if wilson finishes them up by then, probably not though :frowning:

Possibly some premium strings with it too, and pads…


Soda Nickel OD Dang
Black Se’s of any variety
Black String

  1. My two front teeth

Okay, more realistic list:

  1. SB-2 (it has a BEARING! OMG)

Okay enough joking:

2-17. A variety of cheap to high end yoyos or yoyo-related products, many of which cost $70 dollars or more.

I can dream can’t I?

Im hoping for a YYO aura, yyf mystery box (got one!!!), magic yoyo n12, YYSL type X, maybe some other throws

1 CLYW BVM2, City of Champions colorway
1 C3 Krown, Red/Orange acid wash
1 pair of Nike Janowski’s, black and blue
1 2SickYoyos Gambit, black with teal and green speckle
1 OlloClip for iPhone5
1 Bahama Kendama Bamboo
1 Sweets Atack sky blue to white to black fade

Yoyo related I have a chief, wrath, summit, and sine//saw on list. Couple bearings and strings.

But this is combined birthday and Christmas, and my brother yoyos a little, so he can guide my parents to what I’d like more.

No yoyo stuff coming from wife this year though haha

Puffin 2

Im not spoiled. Probably a Bladwin or something.

No CLYW’s One drops, except a Dingo or so. Paul DANG guys!

Glacier Express
Sweets stained kendama
Toxic Strings Draken