What's on your Christmas list??


So, I think Christmas is every yoyoers chance for Santa’s elves to make you something special. (If you know what I mean :wink: :wink:
My main want is an Arctic Circle. What’s yours?


Lost In The Arctic Canvas. and a Go Pro HD Hero 2.


Yoyo: something by x cube

Non yoyo: sonic screwdrivers and maybe a video game or two.


WHAT??? Why ask for a 2 when you could ask for a 3 black Ed.???


Money, money, and more money.


i don’t get yoyos for Christmas.


I feel bad, bro.


the 3s are like 100$ more expensive. And the 2 will work just fine for my purposes.


A G2 Nessie. Chief

Wow, I’m greedy aren’t I? I guess this is a maybe-in-a-million-years-list.

(SR) #10

Amazon Gift Cards
Canon T3i
Code 2


Right now I’m trying to convince my parents for a supernova while its cheap. Btw ill be paying half of that if they let me. I want a metropolis for Christmas.


I’m looking to get something extra nice since my birthday is also in December. Henceforth I have asked for a CLYW. Which one I’m not extremely picky about, but I did specify a Chief.


My wants are way bigger then the budget lol.

Nikon D700, my dad got one and i think its fantastic, or a D3200, little more reasonable.
Gift Cards
Clothes, I likie me fashion and looks :wink:
I might pick up a mystery box this year again, if the price is right.
and other stuff



Puffin and uh, a Cliff. An ear-flap hat would be good.


I’m getting a 2012 ILYY Fury ;D

However when everything comes around, I may consider buying an X3 Teh-yo. That thing is beautiful…


I might ask for a phenom or a dark sonic.


dm2, burnside, grind machine, a new bicycle, Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Gaming Mouse :smiley:


My list is simple:

Canon 40D DSLR camera
One drop code 2
toxic hazmat

(WildCat23) #19

Epiphone ES-335 PRO
Hercules Wall Hanger
New cable


I talked my parents into a supernova since it was cheap but I had to pay half too, lol.