What is on your XMas list?

What yo-yo’s are on your Christmas list? I’m hoping to see a 2014 Benchmark V in my future. List up!

TMBR Baldwin. Looking to get into some fixed axle goodness, and it’s a cheap-ish gift my sister can get me.

Ha! I’m also hoping to see a Benchmark V as well! I’d really like a Summit.

TMBR Moxon in Purpleheart or Babinga. And the 2014 “Eh?”, Of course.

I would say yoyos but, my mom has banned having yoyos on my Christmas list :(. So now I have to figure something else out.

CZM8 and (maybe) Mystery Box

My protos

If yoyos are the only thing that you want, just don’t make a list then… Haha

Mp3 Player
Too Hot

Hi guys!

For Christmas as well as my birthday, I am hoping that my mom can get me a sparkling new Dark Magic 2

Because it is able to grind horizontally and has flat rims for more controlled grinds.

Also, the flat rims can help to snap start the yoyo.

It has a grooved ring for superior THUMB GRINDING AND I LOOOOVE TO THUMB GRIND

I am also hoping for a Bonfire in the cool red white and blue MURICA colors but it is $119

If you really want yoyos, there’s a way around that. Step 1, ask for walmart gift card because you “can’t think of anything.” Step 2 buy prepaid Visa card with gift card. Step 3, well I guess I don’t need to tell you where to buy yoyos. Lol.

But seriously, my family has banded together and told me only a small number of yoyos are vein bought for me because they say my collection is probably big enough as it is. I told them they should see some people’s collections that make mine look diminutive (I’ve got probably 15 throws tops). Granted I did have many more just about a month ago, sold and trimmed my collection till I was down to the ball-bearing throws I actually throw. Time to build that Fixie collection with the holidays around the corner. :smiley:

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The DMII isn’t that good for horizontal cause of the high wall :stuck_out_tongue: But I actually find that the shutter has the best thumb grinding ring I that’s what you’re looking for. Horizontal grinds (or finger spins) work wonders on the shutter as well. But hey, if a DMII is what you want, it’s not a bad Yoyo

For Christmas I’m hoping for a summit though. Maybe even a 7075 one. If the yeti comes out before Christmas then that’s gonna be on the list too.

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umm the benchmark v, bonfire, wm2 or ac2

I find the inner grinding ring cramped on the Shutter, but then again I have big hands and fingers. My SPYY addiction has the best inner ring for grinding that I’ve used, and the Markmont. Classic is a close second.

You guys asking for the 2014 Benchmark V are in for a treat, it’s great!

im trying to get either a quake or an al7 quake.

Well yeah. I have tiny hands so the shutter inner ring is totally fine for me

My early present is a trip to yyr! I managed to grab a white triad, the six (on sale 50% off!) and the Draupnir. I also grabbed a space cowboy with some nice accessories.

Will only get 1 or 2 of these:

Space Cowboy
Any fun yoyo

easily Yoyorecreation Triad. I need a new main and I got to play with it once, and loved it!