X'mas Yoyo List!

Show us your X’mas yoyo list.
what i just wanted is a pair of sunset.
or a bigyo
or a big ben. ;D


I might not want yo-yos for X-Mas, I already have so many.

But I’m already getting a C-13 from my gramom, and if I do want yo-yos I’ll probably want:

Maybe a Severe
Wooley Marmot
BvM if they come out with another one
Maybe another wedgie

I would only really get one of these though.

888x or campfire

A dark Magic


I want that new candy blasted M1 or a Jackie Moon Fade Project 2!

Can’t decide!

Boss and a Bigyo.

CLYW stuff.

I already know I am getting a pair of Genesis.
if I get anything else I would hope it will be money to by yo-yos.

a pair for 3a?

me get:
cupcake yoyo
and a new 4a crucial yoyo

Crucial is coming out with a 4a yoyo???
And what is the “cupcake”

Back on topic.

I might get a pocket change and offstring and maybe a protostar

  1. new release bassalope
  2. campfire
  3. eneme
  4. etc…
  5. new ipod touch…

Well, my little sis got me an M1 (red/orange) and I’m stoked for that and next week after I get paid I’m ordering a New Breed. So I’d have to say I’d want a Mayhem and/or a Lunatic.

i’m getting a counter attack and 2 loop 720s


M1 please. If not DV888. Oh and string! :slight_smile:

Mabey a camcorder. Mabey a x-con. Mabey a dv888 instead of a x-con lol.

My mom said that she would get me 5 yoyos for christmas plus a psp go and a internet tablet my yoyos that i want are the MVP,Lunatic,Bassalope and I don`t know what 2 other yoyos to pick. :slight_smile: ;D :smiley: :wink:


wow sounds like a great christmas day!