Xmas yoyo list

So, whats yours?

If this has already been a topic feel free to get ticked at me.

Mine: I’m getting an energy by barco, a pgm, and maybe a mini mo trix

Remnant, maybe a case and some string…

Skyy Chaser

Maybe a Remnant… that thing is pretty cool.

Oh yeah and a Project 2.

MVP, Severe, Hat trick, Flea.

I got the Dv888 arrived today 11/20/09 but cant use it till Christmas Day and probably some thin lube and string

SR, are you actually getting all those yoyos or are you just thinking about getting one or two out of them?? LOL I wish I could have all those!!

General Yo 5Star, no questions asked.

I’m set for a while, because I bought a bunch of stuff for Black Fiday. But I will get birthday cash, and depending on how much I get, I’ll hopefully buy some CLYW yoyos. And another SuperStar if I like mine enough.

peak winter green edition, my mom was suppose to order it but she didnt, now its sold out. . . But I now plan on gettin a SEVERE acid green splash!! Some green yyn highlights

Im thinking one of these

Probably not

-Super Star
-Pistolero (OMG I want one of these bad boys so bad)

Long shot but hopefull

Most likely one of these
-Protostar (This more than most of the ones above is what I want… Wish they had the shirt in my size)
-Some shims, rice stacks… other odd stuff…

I know I am getting a falcon. And hopefully a Pistolero from my grandparents. But I would be cool with just the Falcon.


But, most likely I’ll still ask for another yoyo or two for Christmas just because I know my parents already have a hard enough time thinking of stuff to get me.

My grandparents got me a DV888 Red blue spash and a YoYoExpert shirt, maybe a Protostar from my parents because im getting an XBox 360 and games.

i want the Yoyofactory Hectic :stuck_out_tongue:

On black friday, I bought a Werrd Two fat Ladies ano/groovy!!!
for $70!!
but a general yo or a P2 would be awesome for Christmas.

btw, Werrd should make a yoyo called the Berrd. (Berrd is the Werrd? eh?)

Yeah there already is a topic like this.
YYF Counter Attack
YYF Loop 720(or Loop 900 if they come out on YYE or YYN by christmas)

only 888x it will be my first 100$ yoyo lol ;D

Bumpin’ it to da tippy top

some konkave bearings :slight_smile:

possibly a remnant cuz it looks and sounds phenomenal. :o

When are the Loops 900’s coming out anyways?