What yoyo do you want for the holidays?

What yoyo do you want for the holidays?

I want the aurora northstar.

My list only had two on it:

  • King Yo Star Rapid (pink)
  • YYF TooHOT (purple)

(plus one kendama. :wink: )

CZM8 (in the mail right now somewhere!_ ;D

Clyw Chief

Ratchet and Horizon

A Wooly Marmot, Gnarwhal, Gnarwhal 2, or really any CLYW. I’m hoping to grab one for myself for christmas.

MFD Caesar. And I’ve been a really good boy!

helium 2, or w/e called

Krown all the way. ;D

Hoping to get a few Light-Up style throws with a few KonKaves in them.

My sister will be getting me a TMBR Baldwin, 100 pack of cotton strings, and 100 pack of kitty XL. Super pumped. Also looking at buying one of my cousins a protostar. I’d also like for my secret Santa gift to arrive, the anticipation is killing me.

I want a unresponsive DV888

I’m debating as to whether or not I should get myself a Space Cowboy.

2sickyoyos queen and one Drop SEs
but i know that wont happen because my parents said specifically
no yoyos for christmas

Hildy Brothers Currier and Revrev F(x)

The rest of the money for the Levi painted peak I’ve been saving for for 2 months!

2 Dazzlers for 3A

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Some prototypes.

I picked a purple one up.

An aftershock would be nice, or maybe a 2sickyoyos queen. Hmm, maybe even a yyo nifty or Orbis would be cool too! Only time will tell. :slight_smile: