The "2011 Yo-yo Christmas List" Thread


This is my yo-yo Christmas List:

-RecRev Oscillatrix
-HSpin Beysick
-YYE Shirt

What’s on your list?? ;D


I know I’m getting a Code 1 for Christmas and I’m getting a Dang and Burnside but I’m just buying those myself.

I am here:,-81.534657


basically the same thing is already in nrelated discussion. just sayin


cafe racer
zen 5
di base
kitty string
split decision speed



Ya I dont get a lot throughout the yea but I get a lot for christmas I dont want to sound spoiled but i will get about 80% of them.

(*dv888*) #7

i dont have these on my list but these are what i hope to get
anti yo ywet
yyf popstar
chico bull dog crucial confection
rec rev sharp and oscillatrix
spyy revenger
yyf boss
but pryy will save up with my own money


Im probably just asking for gift certificates.

But what i would get with them…

-Bearings (Center Trac, Konkave, Crucial, 10Ball)
-String (Hammstring, Kitty, Toxic, Twisted, StringLab)
-Few pairs of Snow Tires
-CLYW T-Shirt
-Duncan Gloves

-Grind Machine
-Super G

I mean the list could just keep going and going.

Really hope to stock up on accessories tho. Im new and this is the perfect opportunity to try all the different types of strings/bearings and really find what works best for me.



And just advice, you may want like 5 axles that fit most yoyos because you never know when an axle will bend / get stripped. Also get quite a few bearings.


Agreed. Thanks, I have to add that to my list


Yeah definately going to add some CLYW and YYF axels as well. Thanks for the advice. As far as bearings. I want to see which one i prefer the most. Once i figure that out, i will make a bulk purchase.

Thanks for the advice!



ILYY Torino

YYR Blink.


-A One and a speedmaker(for teaching kids
-SPYY Solaris or Code 1

Santa, if u are reading this, hope to teach u some 1a sometime…hehehe…

  1. Chief
  2. Solaris
  3. X-Con Pro
  4. Go Big or FiestaXX
  5. A large-ish case
  6. Light Up Freehand Zero

I would really like a chief above the others, and the top three are what I really want.

EDIT: Changed!



That is all.


I don’t really have a list. If I need or want anything, I’ll either buy it or try to trade for it on the BST :wink:

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #17

Duncan yoyos… just duncan yoyos.


My list this year includes:

Black DV888
Red Protostar
Blue Northstar
Black/ silver splash boss
black/ red splash yuuksta
bronze raptor
star backpack
100 poly strings
100 50/50 strings

and much, much more than i can actually remember right now

  1. Peak (off bst)
  2. YWET
  3. HamString
  4. CLYW Hat
  5. CLYW Pickaxe shirt
  6. 10 ball bearings
  7. maybe fg avalanche