What yoyo are you getting for Christmas?


A Purple Space Cowboy

And a Beethoven Higby Profly.

no jive

A John Higby Cup o joe profly,

noone in my family is getting me a yoyo X_X, but modman gave me a rally,grind machine and a offstring throw,which i still suck with but w/e XD thank modman your the one that really cares XD

A Od Valor
Tropical Spins Capricorn

I’ll be opening my 2014 Eh in the morning. Hopefully getting a copy of 66 Rules with a Higby ProFly as well. We’ll see if I get any others.

Got a OD Gradient :smiley: probably the only yoyo I’ll be getting


sry lol

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody getting me a Yoyo for Christmas. I am getting myself possibly a Supernova.

And it was true :smiley:

Merry CHristmas everyone!

got a bonfire and a crap ton of kitty string. pretty good Christmas!

I’ll hopefully buy one soon!

I got a mystery box! My dad snagged one and didn’t tell me!

Finally opened my mystery box. Very happy with the quality of the two unreleased toys. That Regen is something else. Wow. And, of course, I got the shaqlerstar like last year, so if anyone wants to trade a protostar from their box, I’d be happy to do so.

I got a Chief wich I new I was gonna get for sure because I bought it and my mom pitched in $50 but only if I didn’t open it till Christmas. I’m loving this thing

I got an Orbis. Fantastic job Yoyofficer! :slight_smile:

got a bonfire and a chief. super excited.

I got a TooHot

I got a bonfire, its great :slight_smile: