No yo yo for Christmas?

Just wondering who was expecting to get a new yo yo for Christmas and didn’t.

This is a little depressing for Christmas. Just be thanoful you’re not dead.

i never expect anything, so I’m delighted in what i get always

No yoyo, but, happy!

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same I got a kendama instead.

I ordered some like a Christmas present from myself but my family doesn’t get me yoyos

My parents told me when I started yoyoing not to ask them to buy me yoyos. So I don’t ask for any and buy myself exactly what I want :slight_smile:

I never ask for yoyos anymore, but my mother got me a Sweets Biggie kendama, which really surprised me!

I asked for a couple cheap ones. Nothin lol but it’s ok I got some good speakers to yoyo to :slight_smile:

My parents did get me a yoyo, but it hasn’t come yet. It’s a FHZ.

Other than that, I got a Microsoft Surface.

I’ll get a team pack from Chris in January so I don’t mind hehe.

Hoping to find a milk in the holiday season

Got a diabolo instead

I did get a yoyo…

But- I was supposed to be purchasing one for me, and a secret one for my brother, but my mom never got around to it, so it ended up being a christmas gift. $35 per rally :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the money that I will use to buy a yoyo if that counts. I did get devil sticks which are great fun.

They got my brother a yoyofactory fast 201 and one which they apparently sell at this sports store which surprised me. I’m quite happy with my new shoes, flannel shirt, 5 panel, shirt, and stereo that I wanted.

This is what ed did to his fast

I am not hear to brag but I got an Echo for Christmas. The reason I am here is to tell you that even if you did not get exactly what you are looking for, be happy that your parents/families spent their money on you. They have a choice not to, but because they got you something, you should be really happy and tell them thank you.


If you wanted a yoyo you shoulda asked for a sub-$45 range yoyo and put it at the top of your list.