What throws are you guys getting for Christmas? Post your list here :slight_smile: .

YYJ Vexed
YYJ Titan 3
4 bundles Fat Kitty (Redx2,Purplex1,Orangex1)
2 Konkave bearings
Rhino tool (if they restock)

(Owen) #2

Since when would I know what I’m getting for Christmas?

I thought the whole reason of Christmas gifts was for them to be a surprise…


I always get myself something for Christmas just to say “yay, I survived another year”. Maybe a Superfly Remix this year.



Freq wave


Depends on your age.


I’m getting a Dang and a Puffin :slight_smile:


I can’t wait for my Puffin and Token, along with Type X and Gorillus Lubricus.


I don’t get yoyos for Christmas.


I’ll probably buy myself some nice string, some more lube (I lost mine using it for my skateboard bearing haha), some response pads and a terrapin x with some of my Christmas money… if I get any, if not I’ll just treat myself 8) Merry Christmas ya filthy animal


I usually get everything on my Christmas list because I don’t ask for much beside yoyos. Anyway, I’m getting:

CLYW Chief-Ninja Hurdles
DEADLY SpINS Wrath-Solid Gold
Eternal Throw Victory-Purple People Eater
RAyoyos Chupacabra-Pink/Silver/Blue