what i want 4 christmas

for Christmas I want a yyr uragment and a c3 bezerker, has anyone used any of those 2 and how do they play

what yoyos ru guys getting 4 christmas

Plz Uz Bettr Gr4mmrrrrr.
Anyways, I’m getting a Chief.


3rrm4hg@rd gremm@r s000 g3wd
On topic: One of the pink arctic circles :P+ 4 packs of cards

Dark sonic

We all want things…

Exactly how advanced are you?

I can do all the expert tricks on this sight, side ways tricks and whips up to 2.0




Seriously, if you guys can’t uderstand someone because of gramatical errors that’s kind of sad.
Grow up.

That being said, hopefully I have a Godtricks Windforce from my grandparents.

Green popstar. Love that yoyo

I just got an Arctic Circle, Chief, Raptor, Jon Rob Supernova, Dang, KLR B-Grade, and Decapod on Saturday and I have a Sasquatch and Puffin that should be here today and a Canvas and Avalanche that should be here next week. Merry Christmas to me! ;D

but…if this is a ‘wishful’ What do I want for Christmas, I would say a Peak, but I know that ain’t happening lol

What I want for Christmas is a Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time…

Don’t shoot your eye out, kid :wink:

…Getting all those yoyos you got at one time is wishful thinking… for me anyways

Dropping $1000 on yoyos at one time is cray

I just got a token a sever a 24k phenomizm and a counter attack

Getting every yoyo in this SITE. That is my dream.