What trick are you working on?


That looks like the shortest string I’ve ever seen…


Nah it’s long just that’s a stall


I found when learning this that a lot of the catches are down to where on your finger you are contacting the string after each pop… the second pop and catch was def more knacky for me, but working on consistently having the same contact points on your fingers following each element (ensuring a wide enough gap) really helped my consistency.

Really did help with Calypso as well, although I do struggle with the second grind and catch with this one still!

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I’m going completely crazy trying to bind a finger Spin and I will not rest until I do LOL


I can’t get the finger spin at all. I found if I do basically a trapeze holding the yo-yo in my TH , string in my NTH, and wind it up by just rolling it ‘downhill’ its super easy and works great

(Christopher Dougherty) #1368

Please show me how-to split bottom mount! Lol my brain for some reason can not comprehend how to do that trick, it sounds ridiculous but I’m having such a hard time with it

(Andrew) #1369

Have you checked out the YoTricks tutorial on it? What kind of issues are you running into when you try to do it?

(Christopher Dougherty) #1370

Yes, I love there tutorials! I have no idea why can’t do it, I’m left handed and I can’t seem to comprehend it lol, it sounds weird, I’ve watched plenty of videos, I can’t take the data from my head and apply it to my hands. Lol especially the second part, getting it to roll on the string of your throwing hand, does that make any sense? It’s even hard to explain it, maybe I’ll make a short video to show where I am getting confused. Thank you for responding


Yeah, make a vid. That will help us unerstand


I have the same problem. I keep watching a tutorial on front style protusions and think I’ve grasped an element but when I get a yoyo in my hand and into split bottom mount I can only remember .05% of what I saw in the tutorial so I just watch it ten more times. It’ll click eventually.


Mondial makes no sense to me, Mach 5 mount is no issue - when I bounce the yo after the mount it’s just pretty much trapped within the strings, I can’t pop it & I’m unsure of how to swap positions of my hands either

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Re: Mondial:

Before you do the popback your TH needs to be the hand farther away from you.

Then, TH moves over the NTH when you pop it back.


Thank you! Will try tonight - I’ll post a video if I continue to not understand

(David Hough) #1377

I’m grinding my way through White Buddha. I can open the triangle and hop out the first time. After that I start to have trouble. I end up going off plane when I try to swing the yoyo over my throw hand and back.

If I manage to stay on plane through that part I have to stop the momentum of the yoyo when hopping back out of the triangle and swinging over onto my throw hand for the Double or Nothing and His Brother part. If I don’t stop and pinch the string between my non throw hand thumb and index finger before I drop the string wrap then I end up dropping the whole trick.

Further still, if I make it through my previous trouble spots and get to the end where I throw the loop into the gap, more often than not, the spin just dies completely.

I can complete the trick only about 5% of the time. Any tips would be appreciated, but I’m fairly sure I just need to build the muscle memory.

(Robert) #1378

Twist your throw hand away from you as you pop the yoyo up. Then you just have to twist it back and kinda down to get the last hop on the front string. If that makes sense.

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McBride Roller Coaster.

But first I have to master the 1.5 mount. :sweat:


Trying to get yuuki slack down at the moment…

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Horizontal? This is horizontal play:

Do you mean side-style?


Someone help me with mondial please!! Yo always gets caught and never really pops!