What tricks are you working on?

I am so bored, I decided to make this post. I’m just curious… And I made this topic while I was bored too- http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,5392.0.html

The Post-
What tricks are you working on? I’m working on Kwijibo, and White Buddha (a little past my level, but I already have part one down.) So… ?

White Buhhda, Yuuki Slack, Superman

A new trick where I leg wrap trap to my back then i turn around and leg wrap trap again to the front so i end up turning the opposite direction from where i was, i come around under my leg trapeze, around into a normal trapeze, regenerate into a Buddha’s Revenge type thing, hop over like in And Whut, then swing left, come out in this Beverchaukus type thing, dismount, feed some slack in the gap, and I’m stuck right now.

Making my own stuff.


Ha nice Samad.

One I made up and Plan D.

Sounds cool! You should try and make a video or post a Tutorial on YYET.

I just learned River Grand so I am working on perfecting it.

yuuki slack, plan d, and smoothing out ladder escape

I’m working on thinking of tricks.
Comes along nicely as always. :slight_smile:

Rewind lmao.

Fixed. Please don’t say any bad words in this forum.

Happy Throwing! =]

Yuuki Slack, Monorail, White Buddah, and my own made up tricks.

yukki slack

rain and gyroscopic flop (just cant get it right)

Ive been working on the advanced part 1 section. Its a big change from intermediate to advanced, and im not very good with double or nothing… lol. ive mostly just been perfecting my intermediate skills, like i can do them perfect in a combo. Also just having fun.


It’s really killing me!

making red clover smoother .might work on candy rain or And Whut a go

Chop Drop Slack.

Rusted slack.

im finishing the matrix and started to learn some other advanced tricks. ive been yoyoing for only 6 weeks am i on track