what's the latest trick you're learning?

I’m using the YYJ DarkMagic yoyo.
This morning I learned the Mach5. ;D
My Mom and Dad were amazed. :o

Im using my YYJ Lyn Fury.
Right now im working on Spirit Bomb.
Its so difficult. :o

grasshopper i think…

I’m in whip mode=busted out plastic whip to double plastic whip then mixed it into combos now mr iron whip ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
yoyo x-convict(which side)

YoYo: Dark Magic
Trick: Drop in the bucket

I have been trying that one too!

The videos on this site are priceless…


wrist whip with my first Dark Magic ;D

Trying to get spirit bomb smooth but i can do it just got to perfect.
Yo-yo: DarkMagic with konkaved bearing.

Yuuki Slack release, 5a, YYJ Aquarius.

downwards eli hops, using DM,
also imnearly at the end of ladder escape, i just cant figure out the dismount ???
And yes, before everybody moans, im 11

i am working on the double jade whip and the spirt bomb they are so hard.

I’m pretty much working on my own tricks…getting ready for MaStates 09. But I just finished learning Candy Rain; really enjoy that trick. =] I just smoothed out Hugs too.

Using either my 888, X-con, or modded ProJam.

~yo! shi!

working on rewind and the matrix with my black knight

I just learned White Buddha Release on 5a with my Aquarius.

my latest tricks I’m learning are basic loops. ;D I never have really tried 2A. later and remember keep it spinning.

shinya kido frontstyle combo

yoyo= legacy
Trick= hour glass i have got it down now i just need to prefect it!