What trick are you working on?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #1385

Damb, can you post a video of your attempt? It’ll help us guide you through it!


Will do tonight! :slight_smile:


got the pop but unsure how to move my hands - the pop is always so little :confused:

***It’s only been a month since I jumped back on the steed, excuse my noobility

(Mk1 Yoyos) #1388

Since you’re right-handed, you can only do the pop when your right-hand is farther away from you. So, do 1/2 a revolution of mach 5 (or 1 and 1/2, or 2 and 1/2, you get the idea) and then do the pop. Your right hand finger should pass OVER your left hand finger on its way back to you.

The popping motion itself has a little in common with eli hops or boing e boing, so take a peek at those tricks as well.


I can Eli Hop but can’t boing e boing, thanks for the tips! will try my best :slight_smile:

(Jacob Waugh) #1390

That is an essential, I end up learning so many combos through that one repeater.


just got my catch rate on suicides to a decent percentage tonight, sucha smooth feeling!!


Marking 1 month of throwing today with this video:

I’m excited to see where I’ll be at next month!

edit: I’m still working on my breakaway (living in NYC makes me wish I had more indoor space)

  • excuse the messy studio, we just did a shoot today!


WOW!!! That is fantastic. Great job!!! Seriously! You have IT.


Today I’m working on a trick called “Dr. Strange” I saw the tutorial on youtube by Andre and it looked like a fairly simple fun trick and I gotta say it might not be super hard but it is fun. :smiley:


Front style Plastic Whip. Oooh, yeeeaaah! Chickachickaaahh.

({John15}) #1396

Aside from just having fun with my general “trick bucket”, I’m working on getting classic Yuuki concepts down consistent. Right now, I’ve got it at about 50%


Mel Hops and One-handed laceration binds! SO FUN!!!

(David Hough) #1398

I just got reliable with White Buddha and I’m closing in on Seismic Slam.

(Alexander) #1399

Ballistic and this crazy wrist mount combo by Shinnosuke Miyamoto as taught by mrmatio.


One-handed laceration style bind training prepared me for pocketing the normal lacerations, I love them both now!

(Mitch ) #1401

Working on a tension hook. Ive stuck it a few times but me thinks a longer string would help a lot.

(Cruz Quintana ) #1402

I’ve learned Charles’ instant double GT and I found a way to dismount where I can get a phat regent from so I’m working on that


Lacerations into suicides :pray:

@HotcakesTheMemeGod do you do regens often? I can do them but mine are always so weak

(Tyler) #1404

Same here, though i tend to get frustrated and give up for a few days before i try again lol