What trick are you working on?

({John15}) #1342

I’m currently working on an original trick circle. I stumbled across an element last night that has opened up a whole new realm of inspiration


Was it beefhook

({John15}) #1344

Nope. That trick can stay on the backburner as far as I’m concerned


So what you’re saying is that it’s beefhook


I hate beefhook it’s annoying :joy:

(ClockMonsterLA) #1347

Working on Rewind atm.

({John15}) #1348

I would say just wait until I get it filmed and shared here, but


Why, after reading that, I just went out and bought three new yo-yos!™©®


Technically, I do not do tricks, I just do a hodge-podge of moves from different tricks. Whatever moves feel right at the moment.

(Jim Honaker) #1351

Working on 2 things currently. With my beautiful maple eH, I am working on trapeze stall to brother stall and back. I get it clean about 3 times, then goes to crap. Still so much fun.

Unresponsive, working on Mario and Luigi. I never really got wrist mount solid, so worked on that yesterday. Pretty clean so working on step 2.

(Alexander) #1352

As of Thursday, I’ve been working on the Reverse Brent Stole. I finally hit it today!!! Not only that, but I managed to do it behind the back too! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Been throwing for about a month and working my way through the yoyoexpert trick list using a YYF One.
I am currently working on UFO and trapeze.
With the UFO I can get the yoyo to “spin out” but can’t it to return to my hand just yet.
With the trapeze, I’m landing the yoyo on the string occasionally.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #1354

Rev stole took me forever to land! Nice work!


I’m trying to figure out some meta tricks rn

(Tpoluck) #1356

I usually pick like 3 tricks and work on them and try to get them pretty decent then pick a couple more but continue to perfect the other at the same time

(Tpoluck) #1357

Working on Kyijibo I can’t seem to land from the 1.5 to the double and I’m always working on my 1.5 side mount I just can’t get that mount


This morning while trying to learn something else I started doing backwards Barrell Rolls. It’s actually cool because it leaves me in a normal split bottom mount and doing the Barrell Rolls backwards and then then forwards is kinda cool. Happy New Year everyone. I go into work soon.

(Alexander) #1359

Thanks! It’s super satisfying to land.

(Jim Honaker) #1360

First new trick of 2019 for me. Still not clean and my knuckle will be bruised in the morning. @edhaponik


Currently working on getting the ‘magic drop’ part of Kamikaze down consistently (I can do it consistently by itself, but not when part of Kamikaze), as well as starting to learn some basic Chopstick stuff (damn my hands feel too small for the undermount :frowning:)