What trick are you working on?

(David Hough) #1322

I try to have several tricks going at once. I’m working on my consistency with Kwijibo so that I can graduate to Spirit Bomb. When I get too frustrated with SB I work on Suicides and Regenerations. When I want to work on my speed I practice Skin the Gerbil and Mr. Matio’s easiest Double or Nothing speed combo.

I’m the most stuck on the first hop in Spirit Bomb. I keep forgetting to move both hands under the yoyo. If I land the first hop, the string is wrapped around my throw hand thumb and it isn’t in the right position to open the triangle.

(ChrisFrancz) #1323

Good luck wit dat! Dang, that is all above my grasp right now. It sounds like you’re really progressing!


I found if I do the first part of Nagao hops that lands in the brother then brother slack, Ninja vanish then gt Suicide to Jade whip. Pretty fun combo for me. I like how the string gets rejected or almost whips at the first part of nagao hop.

(ChrisFrancz) #1325

Mach 5: Accomplished today.

My 1a baby steps over the last month: Barrell Rolls, Splitting the Atom, Mach 5

Yeah, Brain Twister too - that was huge to me in August.

All accomplished.

This summer I could only do Forward Pass and Around the World.

I’m kinda proud of myself for sticking to it. I learn slowly.


Yep, I’m relearning all this that used to be easy :cry:

(Tyler) #1327

There’s a lot of fun tricks you can combo together from split bottom mount. If you don’t already, I’d suggest learning boingy boing, seasick, and pop n fresh - good elements to throw into your front style combo

(ChrisFrancz) #1328

All on my to-do list, brother!


Punching Bag.

(ChrisFrancz) #1330

Pop n Fresh on deck. Maybe I’ll perfect it by this time next week. Excited to add it to my front combo!

({John15}) #1331

Regens babyyy!

(ChrisFrancz) #1332

Baby steps, baby. Baby steps. It takes me awhile to grasp things. Regens. I will put that on the que. Thank you. I am passing on boingy boing because I LOATHE the way it looks. It’s OBNOXIOUS and ANNOYING but maybe I should learn it to throw 1 or 2 boings into a combo but 5-6…it looks obsene and immoral!

({John15}) #1333

Sheesh, I mean, it’s a lot harder than it looks. It took me the better part of a year to get that trick down clean. That bounce element can be used in other ways when you start building your own Combos and stuff, just saying. You don’t have to do 20 boings, even just 1 can be a nice embellishment for a combo.

(ChrisFrancz) #1334

Yeah, I am learning that all tricks contain individual elements that can be used elsewhere even if the whole trick is not executed.


Hehe, when I was learning that one I called it “pop a knot”

(ClockMonsterLA) #1336

Just got Plastic Whip down and now it’s on to Rewind.

I’m also looking forward to learning how to regen some day. Which brings me to a question I’ve had for a while now. My understanding is that Regen is a technique that puts spin back onto the yoyo so you don’t have to stop and do a new throw. But what is a Rejection?

({John15}) #1337

First of all, I love plastic whip. It’s one of my staple tricks.

Now let’s talk about regens. A regeneration can be used for putting spin back on a yo-yo oh, yes. So what’s tricky about regens is that every time you do one, it makes the yoyo spin in the opposite direction. For example, if you do a proper regen from a breakaway, it should make the yoyo spin as if you threw a front style throw. And if you do a regen from a front style throw, it will make the yoyo spin as if you threw a break away. you need to keep that in mind when you’re doing tricks and going for a bind.

When I say front style throw, I mean a side style front throw. So like a breakaway but thrown in the opposite direction

(ZAC) #1338

I have a limited understanding of rejections. It involves using the spin of the yoyo to shoot out some string instead of just landing a mount. I have only learned one trick so far that involves a rejection, magic drop.

(Joseph) #1339

I’m working on some Andrew Maider-inspired neck tricks. :ok_hand:

(Tyler) #1340

Rejection is where the string kinda pops off the yoyo. Probably first trick you’ll learn with one would be magic drop, and it will probably be frustrating lol

(Tyler) #1341

This trick by Paul Kerbal was a blast to learn. This was what i have been working on between my own stuff.