What trick are you working on?

I used to be terrible at chopsticks. One thing that helped me was focusing on keeping the fingers in a nice C shape and not letting them straighten too much into an L shape. Using smaller yoyos at first definitely helps.

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I just tied to learn this. The rejection seems to be the hardest part. I can do all individually but getting that rejection to tie it together is rough

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There is a Takeshi version in which he does a flip between reverse brent stole and the ninja vanish and that can help as it can get the yoyo to the middle of the string. I remember watching a @hobbygod tutorial where he also mentioned getting the yoyo in the middle can get you enough slack for ninja vanish. I am not perfect at this combo but have a better experience when using thick string and a large yoyo.

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He honestly has the best tutorials. Thanks!

Been working on Hook and Brent Stole the past couple days. Not super consistent with them yet.


Working on eli hop


I’m working on chopsticks.


Working on rolling out of double or nothing to a suicide catch smoothly. And trying to make my 1 1/2 mount smoother.


Currently working to consistently land a version of Ky Zizan’s “Chaos Dunk” in Möbius form.

I refer to it as “Chaos-Pass” lol. Its weird how I can’t land the original version yet am able to do this



This one. And it is a pain in the… I can’t land the triangle consistantly. Most of the time, I’ll get a string mess and the yoyo just dies.


Thumb nail balance