What throw CAN'T you leave the house without?


I always bring a yo-yo with me wherever I go. I just can’t the house without one. I always bring my Protostar. It’s great, does tricks well, and I don’t care of it gets dinged because it’s plastic.

What throw do you bring with you everywhere? Why?

(SR) #2

General Yo KLR
General Yo 5 Star
YYJ Trigger


Where is the trigger?


My companion throws are a bit more humble.

Duncan Raptor… I love the Raptor
Avant Garde II

and now since yesterday’s mail;
YYF Roll Model

(I usually have either my little six case with me, many days my 12 case before I leave the house. I just can’t make up my mind.)

(SR) #5

Not released yet. Maybe September. But get one when they are and I guarantee you that you will not regret your purchase decision. It’s play rivals the best.


The pictures I’ve seen look awesomely cool.

(SR) #7

The play is even better than the pictures. It’s so dang good, and surprisingly as it comes from YYJ.

(UmeNagisa) #8


it can Handle anything and BEYOND

and, it cuts through wind so big plus!


My mom

(SR) #10

You take that thing outside? lol


where did you get the role model.

right now my go to pocket throw is the pocket pros zombie. Its cheap so i dont have to worry about it all you have to do is pop a different bearing in and silicone it and its a pretty good throw
hopefully my new pockets throws will be a role model and a john ando superstar

(SR) #12

If you’re signed up for the YYE newsletter they do early pre-releases. Sign up before you miss out on other stuff. haha


i just signed up like 2 minutes ago hopefully they will send me the link that role model and the superstar are sexy

(UmeNagisa) #14

actually i have 2. one beater one kepper haha

plan on getting more i LOVEEE it


Oh snap!


I always take my Raptor with me. Sometimes more, but the Raptor always comes along.


The only throw I carry is my Albatross in totalartist’s holder. It’s not my favorite yoyo, but it’s the yoyo in my collection that has the highest enjoyment/cost ratio. I got it for a good price initially, and stripped the anno and did a mirror polish on it. Little damage doesn’t bother me, but even better, as scratches appear I can just polish them right back out.


Usually it’s always been my trusty code 2. Lately though, it’s been either my Cascade or glacier express. Those two are amazing.
Sometimes right before I’m getting ready to leave the house for the day or whatever, I find myself standing in front of my case throwing different yoyos trying to decide which one to take with me (i try to take only PNE yoyo)
. I might spend 15-20 minutes doing this sometimes, it’s rediculous.
Does anyone else do this or am I crazy?


My Inspire.


Either my Code 1 or my TA-1s, also now that I have it my 2012 Rockstar. These are the only throws I have that aren’t mint, and I try to keep as many throws as I can mint for as long as I can