what team do you most want to be sponsored by?

CLYW, love their style, illest ;D

BBYY, oh wait ;0D

now that is a good one.
lol. :smiley: :smiley:

Why does everyone wanna be on YYF?! wow…

My day has been made. Thanks, Samad. xD

Definitely either Duncan for the awesonemity or YYJ for the throws

Well actually…

I want to be sponsored by YoYoJam!!!

I get to hang out with the super awesome YoYoJam people. Like Mickey. :o

3yo3 or hspin or DTi

Caribou lodge yoyo works ;D

LOL. Well… Would you honestly rather get free Audis or VWs?
VW? Go for a drive in an eight year old TT then a brand new Jetta… I mean, I looove VW, but if we are talking free cars? No contest!

Yoyofactory over here, if the decision had to be made. It’s all I throw anyway.

My dream car is a jetta decked out for Rally/Off-roading…