what team do you most want to be sponsored by?

Yoyofactory for me!

HSpin all the way! Too bad I’m in America :-[

Samm Scott sais hai.

HSpin, YYJ or One Drop.

HSpin and YYJ because they make awesome yoyos, One Drop because they are the greatest guys I have come across in this community.

Generalyo, because they make THE BEST yoyos out there. imo. And also, Ernie lives in Sothern California like me, and is a really nice guy. :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

General-Yo easily.

also yoyo factory!! :slight_smile:

I’d also have to say General-Yo.

if u were to choose between YYF and General yo before u get sponsored what would u pick

I would still pick General-Yo. I wouldn’t represent them unless I was 100% loyal to them.

For me it would be a tie between Yoyofactory, CLYW, and General-Yo.

well i like both so that is a hard question

yoyofactory ;D

Double Take Industries

That one big factory that makes yoyos… hmmmmmmm… I can’t remember the name at the moment. ???

Probably YoYoJam or YoYoFactory



… phew.

General-Yo FTW!

I’d love to be sponsored by the Duncan crew…

YoYoFactory! :o