what team do you most want to be sponsored by?

What’s up with being sponsored? Isn’t it suppost to be fun and rewards aren’t everything.

I’d just love to be a demo guy with duncan… Get a sweet red duncan button down shirt, make a tut video with them, meet the team… Go on tour…

Clyw…gosh that’d be cool…dreaming sure is fun though!

Made me giggle.

DTI, Werrd, or alchemy…

I love CLYW!

But if i could chose them then YYJ, for sure.

YYJ! First guy in Malaysia to be sponsored by YYJ :stuck_out_tongue:
Then again. Duncan would be awesome, because there are a few Duncan crew members here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah,Like Dimi :slight_smile:

Maybe YYF?

I want to be sponsored by


Why not Vw, icthus? xD

@Hebooz : zomg shi~ A MALAYSIAN!!

Can VW’s look like this?


Yeah for once…lol


I don’t know icthus… they look pretty close to me.


General yo.
Makes the best. Local and supa awesome.
Riverside ftw

Duncan Crew… um… DUH?

Fiat yamaha or repsol honda.


Well, any company that i find comfy with will do.


http://crucialthreads.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/websitelogo-copy-e1270343532979.jpg :slight_smile:
I’m surprise it isn’t up there

They ACTUALLY make yoyos that I would enjoy the most, and let me perform at my best.
Not many companies make over sized yos anymore. v.v