The "Who would you be sponsered by?" THREAD

So if you could pick one company to be sponsered by who would it be and why.

I would love to someday be sponsered by spyy because i have many of there yoyos and i love them and also i happpen to be lucky enough to recieve a free yoyo from steve at spyy and he is very nice guy. :wink:

Anyone but YYF

Clyw,yoyojam,yoyofactory,string theory or one drop because I have atleast one yoyo from each of these brands and there all great

Honestly, no one.

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i understand that but to me it would be fun to travel to contests and meet new people and be close friends with the company manager cough free yoyoscough lol just kidding

spyy forever

p.s love my spyder

clyw or yyf. both have amazing yoyos and i would like to be sponsered by either one. i have tried other brands but none have impressed me as much as these two.

YYF gotta love the 888x.

The Miller Brewing Company. And/or Jameson Irish Whiskey.


hspin or yyf

General Yo and YoYoFactory are my favorites. But I would also do other companies depending on how much I like their throws. :wink:

I wanna be sponsored by Microsoft.

Jamba Juice

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cinnabon cinimon.

I would want to be sponserd by one drop :wink:

LOL I wanna be sponsored by Treyarch or Sony



yoyojam or yoyofactory

5 Gum.

I give out gum for free every monday at my school and it gets pricey by the end of the year.