what should i get?????

should I get the ares star by audlley or the artic circle by clyw
answer please


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YYE doesn’t sell Audley.

Get the CLYW Arctic Circle.

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Arctic circle for sure. It is so stable and smooth. Odds are it will probably improve your throwing. AC all the way!

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AC. not even a question.

The Ares Star is Audley as well as TP.

Arctic circle for sure. CLYW is brilliant!

no its not tp

The Ares Star is the signature yoyo of Marcus Koh, who used to be sponsored by Turning Point, but is now sponsored by Auldey.

I’m guessing a lot of people here recommending the Arctic Circle have never played an Ares.

I’m not much of a fan of the Arctic Circle and I quite like the Ares so I’d go for that. I found the Ares a lot more stable, it reminded of a yoyorecreation.

I’m guessing most of them don’t know what an Ares is.

That is possibly true. Or we know that it is overpriced.

having played with neither I like the shape of the ares star and its Marcus Koh the best player in the worlds freestyle, but the ac looks like a awesome yoyo

Best player in the world? Questionable. If yourre judging by championships, Suzuki has I think 5 or 6. If youre judging by personal preference then obviously I have no say in what you think. Im still going with the AC on this one.

I’d argue both the yoyos being considered are overpriced. But If I was gonna pay too much for a yoyo, I’d take an Ares over an Arctic Circle.

Have you tried the AC

He implied that he had.

I can imply that I know where the wardrobe to Narnia is.

Note: I actually do :wink:

No, I just enjoy being a hypocrite.

But seriously, I own a FG Arctic Circle and I’ve tried an A-Grade. I’ve also tried an Ares, though I don’t own one.

Is the FG an ano flaw of vibe?