what should i get?????

It was sold on the CLYW website as having ano flaws or vibe or both. I can definitely see ano flaws on both halves and while not dead smooth, it’s as smooth as I’d expect from an A-grade, not as smooth as my CODE1, smoother than my Cascade.

In any case, I’m not a vibe freak so a bit of vibe isn’t really gonna affect my opinion of a throw’s overall performance.

I don’t see why you’re having so much trouble accepting someone doesn’t love the Arctic Circle. It’s an ok throw, just feels a bit heavy and not as stable as I’d like.

Not that i cant accept it, i just don’t understand why you would choose the Ares Star over the AC. Obviously yoyoing is a very opinion based hobby and understand that but IMO, this isnt even close.

Now I guess it’s my turn to ask if you’ve tried an Ares? If you haven’t then how can you accurately compare the two.

But yeah, I agree with you that it’s all a matter of preference. I know some people love the Arctic Circle and I’m not saying they’re wrong, just that I don’t feel the same way about it. Unfortunately it seems not many people on these forums have tried the Ares so it’s hard for the OP to get a range of informed opinions on his question.

My firend had one for a short period of time but decided to sell it cause he disliked it so much.


Well that’s another opinion, which is good to see. But did you actually try the Ares?

Yea, quite a bit because my collection sucked up until a few weeks ago