ares star question

I was looking at getting the ares star by audlley I love the shape and it one of my favorite players (Marcus Koh’s) signature I have little experience with audlley yoyos I owned a l3 4 years ago.

I was wondering what others have to say about it, does it ive up to its 180 dollar price tag or does ot play like a cheap Chinese knock off

its a very good yoyo, its like a YYR yoyo, 7075 Aluminum, very density blast, and it woth 180$

I thought it played on par with the ~$180 throws from the Japanese companies. I found the profile shape very similar to a YYR, which many manufacturers have emulated. I actually find this shape kinda boring now even if it has proven itself performance-wise.

It’s far from a cheap knock off but personally I’m not sure any of the $180+ aluminium throws are worth it, especially when there are equally capable yoyos available for almost half the price.